14 January 2016

Perfect nude - my favorite

So, I've talked about my essentials for nails here and I mentioned the nude collection. I was wearing this one nail polish for the past week and I loved it so much I had to write about it.
This is #10 Nude sweet nude nail polish from The nudes collection by Essence. I actually wouldn't call it a classic nude color as it is more bronze, but I'm so happy they incorporated a bit unusual color to this, basically monotone, collection. Although I do own more nail polishes from their nude collection, this one is my favorite. Think of it as a stand-out nude color. Isn't that great? If you, for any reason, can't wear bright/dark/glittery or any other nail polishes than the nudes, this is your color.
The coverage of it is perfect; it's really dense nail polish but so easy to apply. This is only one layer of it and have in mind this manicure is about 8 days old in these pictures. So, that's how great it is. I would, however, suggest putting a top coat on it as it's one of those nail polishes that leave stripes and marks as you pull the brush on your nail. (You can see some different stripes on my nails.) This isn't a big problem; you either have to have practice in applying these kind of nail polishes or, as I said, normal top coat. (I also wrote about my base and top coats here and here.)
That's basically it.
Do you like it? Will you consider purchasing it? Do you wear nude colors on your nails? If so, which ones do you use?

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