30 January 2016

Incoming spring with hats

Since the weather is changing over here from cold in the morning to warm in the noon to cold again in the evening, it's hard to find proper clothes to survive the day. So, I've chosen two outfits I would wear in this time of the year.
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So, the first one is in autumn tone, but this weather is the same as in the autumn so I put it here.
I started with pretty simple yet statement light grey shirt out of thin and light material. Next I incorporated this awesome camouflage jeans that go great with this casual vibe.
To keep us warm, there's dark green parka. Fur on it looks great as a detail on, let's be honest, somehow boring jacket.
I love the combination of green and black and that's why all the accessories are black. I chose opened black leather ankle boots with gold buckles. Bag is in the same tone; simple big black bag. Perfect for any occasion. The same motive is on the hat that rounds this perfect stylish look.
Since this is supposed to be a stylish, but casual, look, I only added dark red lipstick as it can be both very elegant and very rebellious, which is exactly what I was trying to do here. To highlight the rebellious part, here's also a black nail polish.
Second outfit is also meant to be a fall one. (Leaves, duh!)
I started this with this mustard yellow sweater which is neutral, plain but still noticeable. For the lower part of the body, I chose dark denim shorts and pantyhose, thin but in dark color. Don't fool yourself that it's warm enough for only wearing shorts.
This time I didn't go with a regular jacket just because I have thick and warm sweater here, so I chose this dark olive green cardigan. It has 3/4 sleeves which will add to the length of your hands and will highlight the sweater once more. It's also much lighter than a jacket so you'll be able to more more freely.
As for the shoes, I chose this yellow boots with a small thick heels. Comfortable for long walks but not flat (heels fan here).
All accessories are dark red as I think this colors go great together. Big dark red bag and a hat complete this look. Make-up goes with the accessories so it wouldn't be to colorful, so that's also dark red.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).
Do you like these? Would you wear them as they are or would you change anything? Comments below :*

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