04 February 2016

Rexona's roll-ons

I was looking for a good protection recently, so I went to good old days and bought a Rexona's roll-on (actually called dry deo sticks). These were popular back in the days, until they were replaced by the rounded ball-style ones. (I have no idea if you got me, so the picture is here.)
I got these three because there was a 2 + 1 offer. So let me introduce them to you.
I'll start with the first one on the left. It's their Motion sense with aloe vera. This is supposed to cool down your skin and calm it for 48 hours. I said 'supposed' because I haven't actually tried it yet. If you want me to, I'll write a post only about that one as I heard it's supposed to be the best one out of all deo sticks out there.
Second one is Invisible black + white diamond. This is the one I'm currently using. It says it doesn't leave marks and it prevents sweat from breaking out. Another good thing is that it contains 0% alcohol. Now, this one has a pretty calming scent. It did leave some white marks, but only on my skin and that did not transfer to my clothes. I'm not so sure about the 48 hour protection. I had it on for about 4 hours and I could feel the sweat coming (truth to be told, I had an exam so I was extra nervous).
The last one is Nutritive skin care. As usual, it offers 48 hour protection and 0% alcohol. These are all great, but I have to say that 48 hours is easily transferred into maximum of 5 hours. This one also has a bit stronger scent. This one is used by my mom, so this is her opinion.
Verdict? I like these products because I'm in a need of a deodorant and I personally hate ball roll-ons I described in the beginning and I don't like normal spray deodorants. This is a good product, don't get me wrong, but! do not trust the 48 hours promise on the packaging.
The price is around $2.50 each.

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