28 February 2016

What's in my beauty bag?

There are some things, regarding beauty and make-up, that I like to keep by my side in as many occasions as I can. Considering that I do not have a clutch purse with me, I'm carrying this sweet half-transparent pink beauty bag with me. I got it years ago and couldn't find the use for it anywhere. Thank God I had the need to carry some essentials with me.
First there is a small package of hand cream (or hand balm, if you like). Currently, I'm carrying around this Nivea Repair & Care (I wrote a post about it here). I wish it was a smaller package but I love this one so much I have to have it.
Next is a 3 in 1 comb, brush and a mirror. It doesn't look like much but this comes in handy very often. It's small and practical in any occasion. I used to have only a brush and a mirror, but adding a comb made my life so much easier.
This is the cutest package of nail files. As everybody knows I love nails, I got this as a present from my friend. There are six nail files. So small and so practical I just had to put it in my beauty bag.
Since I never know with my hair, I have to have some hair bands and few bobby-pins. I got this whole panel of bobby-pins in H&M last year (they are always available there). Regarding hair bands, I have two brown ones (as my hair is brown) and two small black ones just in case I want braids or something small with my hair.
There are, of course, these new oil control papers I bought recently. (Post on where and when I got it, and the price, is here. Review post is coming soon.)
The last two thing I have in there are two lip products. First is my lip balm (post about it here). I just have to have lip care all the time. The other one is lipstick by Essence called #65 Glow neon glow! Although they said it's lipstick, I would say it's only transparent lip-gloss. I would not necessarily recommend buying it (I got it as a present in the magazine), but I do like the gloss so I could easily turn plain lips into more elegant ones.
So, that's it. What do you keep in your beauty bag?

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