09 February 2016

Two or three about me! - fashion edition

So, this is my first post with the new background and header (hope you like it).
So, what's better way to start a new era than with few facts about my and my fashion style. Here I go...
  • I wore my first blazer in the 6th grade of elementary school (about 12 years old). I got a white, really businessy blazer from my cousin and I thought it was just appropriate for me to wear it to school. (Don't know if I'm glad I was that brave or just embarrassed of how stupid I was.)
  • I also wore my first heels in about 6th grade. They were about 4 cm (1.5 inch) high and really thick and stable. I bought them with my own money.
  • The color that suits me the best is red. Even though I know this, I own only a few red items (a fancy dress, two or three T-shirts, winter coat and dark red jeans).
  • I only just becoming satisfied with my clothes (I'm 20). I'm buying stuff I know I'll be able to style with something I already own. I'm now buying only what I know I will most certainly wear. I'm also getting rid of the old clothes, step by step.
  • My favorite style of pajamas are like sweatpants with regular T-shirt and those blouse lookalikes with buttons all the way.
  • I don't like wearing short skirts. They have to be knee-length or just above the knees. Or long.
  • I used to wear all tight and fitted (shirts, blouses, T-shirts) but, once I lost weight, I became comfortable with some baggy and loose tops. (Isn't this is opposite of the usual?)
  • If I had to choose between black and white clothes, I would always choose black - no worries with transparency and it makes me look slimmer.
  • I have some fur and leather items, but they're all fake. Except the parts of the sneakers, because... - look at the next fact.
  • My favorite sports brand is Nike. Almost all sneakers I owned in the past 5 (maybe more) years have been Nike and I will most certainly continue this tradition.
Have any facts about your fashion style? Share them below! :)

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