18 February 2016

My Essence haul !!

This is my first shopping of this kind. I heard Essence would have some new products so I searched their official page (for my country - Croatia!) and I fell in love with some items. (Just an advice: Don't trust the colors you see on the Internet. Go and try everything by yourself!) Although I was there early in the morning, I wasn't early enough so it took me three days and a lot of walking to different stores to get all I want (I still didn't buy all of it). Now, this is not a new collection (*hush hush* new one is coming in March and it will have some adorable stuff), but these are new in their world. So, let me introduce you to my new babies.
As you all know I'm most attached to my nails. I just love everything that comes out that I could use on my nails. I found some beautiful colors and I tried some of them on a piece of paper (as I have my nails painted black now) and I loved the coverage. I love the variety of new colors in the new palette. I got some dark ones here, but I love these light, spring colors.
Cut out manicure stencils #01 dare to be bare, stickers #18 tribe'o metric, french manicure creative tip guides #02 from heaven with love, studio nails fix it! nail glue
Here I got some nail stencils and tip guides for french manicure. Tip guides are a perfect helper if you don't have steady and calm hand, but I'll use them as normal stencils just because I think I could do some great and different manicures. Other fun thing I got are these amazing black and white tribal nail stickers. I could draw most of it by myself, but these are so precise and clean and it saves you a lot of time. So I'm really looking forward to it. Next on, I got a nail glue. I've been using for quite some time. It's amazing - you only need one drop of it and it glues (everything!) immediately.
Mini kabuki brush, nail and hand balm rich & smoothoil control paper all about matt!
Here are some out-of-the-category stuff. I got oil control papers which should turn your skin matte. I wanted to try this for so long as my skin tends to get really oily and these seem like a perfect thing to carry in my bag all the time. I really hope they work. Next is the cutest version of kabuki brush. I know it's used for applying make-up, but I'll use it to wipe of the dust of my nails as I file them. The final product is hand balm. I already have a great cream for my hands, but I got this one too as they say it's great for both your hands and your nails which is really important to me (duh!).
2 in 1 lipstick & lip liner #04 pink points, long-lasting lipstick #16 I am yours!, superfine eyeliner pen #01 deep black, long-lasting lip liner #08 girl next door
My biggest wish here were some lipsticks. I got quite a few on my list, but not all them matched me when I actually tried them on and some I couldn't find. So I got these. I know these long-lasting lipsticks really do last long (on me). Next is this weird looking 2 in 1 lip-liner and lipstick. The color is darker, but intense, pink. I wouldn't normally go for a pink one, but this one won me over. This almost beige lip liner is for my mom as she has light lipstick and she just needed this. I can also say I know their lip liners are great! The last thing is new eyeliner. It has a great black coverage and it's waterproof. I don't think this will amaze me, I just needed new one as my old one got dry and grey.

Prices (I converted this so they may vary):
  • nail polishes ~ $2
  • lip liner ~ $1.50
  • eye liner ~ $3.50
  • hand and nail balm ~ $3.50
  • kabuki brush ~ $3.50
  • nail stickers ~ $1.50
  • nail stencils ~ $1.50
  • tip guides ~ $1.50
  • nail glue ~ $2.90
  • 2 in 1 lipstick ~ $3
  • lipstick ~ $2.50
  • oil control papers ~ $2.50
Hope you like this. :)
Comment below if you have anything to add, something to ask or recommend!


  1. I recently tried the liquid lipstick and it's amazing! I've never tried anything else but might now :)
    Tina x

    1. I'll let you know how I like other lip products in a review soon, but so far I'm completely satisfied :)