12 April 2018

Essentials: Make-up

With all bloggers, brands and youtubers bombarding us with all the make-up "you need to have" is's easy to get lost into it. You're constantly persuaded that you need just one more eyeliner, just one more highlight and there's no make-up without a mascara. So I sat down today and went through my make-up collection.
I don't need make-up at all (as I put full make-up on maybe (!) two times a month), but if I wanted to do some look, I found some essentials. A while ago (more like a year ago), I wrote two more 'essentials' posts and I showed you what I think are fashion essentials (really proud of that post) and nails essentials so check that out too. 

Starting with the base, of course, there are foundations. As you can see, I only use liquid foundations and here are the ones I use the most with 'Fit me!' being my favorite foundation ever. Not all of these match me perfectly, but I mix them a bit and I can get a pretty flawless base. Also, some are for winter times and some are for the summer when I get like 10 shades darker. Of course, some would say concealers are maybe even more important than foundation, but I don't use concealers.
Moving one, you need a setting powder. Well, at least oily girls need them. Depending on your preference, there are loose and pressed powders. I prefer pressed because I get flashback from this loose one (and the only times I wear make-up, I know I'll be photographed). Also, not to look like a 1-dimension ghost, I choose a bit of bronzer for adding color onto my face. I hit the pan with my Essence bronzer and it's the only one I use and it's not available anymore so I'm scared what I'll do when I run out of it.
If you have some more time, one or two eyeshadow palettes are just enough. For beginners or girls that can't be bothered with spending hours blending eyeshadows, I would highly recommend this Essence palette. You can see all palettes like this and swatches in my post Essence eyeshadow palettes (all 6). Nudes always look good and go with everything. Also a great nude-ish palette is 'Flawless'. And if you need any color, this 'Acid brights' is just perfect. I did a crazy bold look with it and review on it, so check out my post Makeup Revolution Acid brights palette.
Now that we have eyeshadow on, I really like eyeliners. I'm usually simple and only use black pencil on my waterline or, if I have time to mess it up and repeat 6 times, I reach for this black liquid eyeliner. What I've noticed is that eyeliners in colors can really be great on their own to make you look like you really put some effort in your make-up look. I have some swatches and reviews in my post Essence eye pencils. I wear mascara like once a year (probably only if there's a wedding happening), but I know it's a staple in almost everyone's routine so here's the one I like.
And now my favorite part - lipsticks. I think you should have a good red lipstick for special occasions. If you're OK with dry lipsticks (but super long wearing) I have MAC Ruby Woo. There's a short review on it in my post Make up review - lips and in a very old post New M.A.C. product. If you're in for something lighter, but still in the very gorgeous red shade, there's Essence's vibrant shock lip paint. There's a short review in my post New in: make-up | follow up post. As I don't wear make-up on daily basis, I like to throw in some lipstick just to feel more put together. I also don't wear make-up to college, so nude lips are perfect. Here I have 'head turner' which is my favorite lipstick right now. There's a review and swatches in my post Life on the dance floor lipstick review. Reviews and swatches of the two of these 'lip lingerie' lipsticks you know I absolutely love can be found in my post My NYX lipstick collection. And now depending on your preferences, choose some other color. I always go for some mauve shades so I have reviewed some in my post NYX Slip Tease & Soft matte review. And if you really love lip products and you're interested I have a post My lipstick collection and my post My Essence lipstick collection with both hand and lip swatches (also very proud of that post).

Other products people would consider make-up essentials:
  • primer - for minimizing pores, smoothing out the surface, mattifying...
  • concealer - to brighten some parts of your face, to cover spots
  • glitter - eyes have to pop!
  • contour shade - usually doesn't look good in everyday situations, but for photos and YouTube...
  • highlighter - I'm oily and I spend most of my time hiding any shine and also you can use moisturizer instead of highlighter

OK, that would be all form me. What would you say are your make-up essentials?

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