23 April 2018

Spring shoe collection

If I had to choose my one weakness when it comes to shopping, I couldn't. You know I love it all. Lately, I've put a break on buying bags and I'm all into shoes. With spring being my favorite season of all, this is my time. I made sure I got some fun pieces I'll love.
Some shoes are new, some are old. I think it's totally not necessary to buy shoes (or bags or clothes) each year. I don't blindly follow trends so I think I'll love these in the future too and I'll get few seasons out of them for sure.
Note: All photos are with flash and totally unedited.

I usually buy all black boots. However, spring calls for more bright and light colors so I decided to go out of my comfort zone this year and get some beige ankle boots. I wanted some light ones so these cut-outs are perfect detail. Heel is there, which I like, but it's also totally comfortable for wearing them every day. I paid around $35 for them.

Now, these came totally random. I've been loving this style for so long, since I was a kid. Now I went shopping with my aunt and we saw these. There were gold, silver, black and this pair and I went for this rose-gold/bronze color and I think it will look great for my simple black outfits. I also got them for about $35.
You know I live in sneakers. Although I love wearing heels of all kinds, I have to have sneakers beside me. I got these for Christmas and I'm absolutely in love with them. They are copper/bronze/brownish with metallic finish and I know they'll be perfect. I saw them in store, but couldn't afford them at the time so I'm really happy Santa brought them. As far as I can remember, they were around $50.

This is one old pair, but still very loved. I had black slip-ons before, but these seemed more fun and sparkly so I got them. These are basically sneakers without all the hassle with tying them. Haha. They're also my version of ballet shoes and transition between casual and fancy. They were around $15.

And here we are. OMG. All the colors caught my eyes and they were on discount when I got to the store so immediately took them for about $20. However, I had no idea (!!) they reveal their true colors under the flash. As you can see, the picture in the middle is how they look in any normal light. And I saw them as only that in the store. Then I wore them once, took some pictures and, God, was I surprised to see their real beauty.

** On a personal note this week: I'm broke.

What do you wear the most these days?


  1. Love the beige booties! I don't spend a lot on shoes but I love getting a new pair of boots each winter (and then they completely fall apart as I wear them to death haha)

    1. Yeah, me neither. I spend more on sneakers I wear daily, but some pieces like this or season items, I like to pay as little possible for them haha

      thank you :*

  2. My favourite has to be the ankle boots with the cutout - they are gorgeous!

    1. thank you! I've been wearing them so much lately :D