16 April 2018

Nivea Urban skin moisturizer

How important is moisturizer on daily basis? And how much do we struggle to find a perfect care for our skin? I don't know about you, but finding a good everyday cream is much bigger struggle than a person would expect. There are age groups, skin types, longevity, SPF, finish, feel... There's a lot to consider while finding a perfect base for your skincare.
After not having a moisturizer for way too long and managing with all different skincare products, I finally decided to buy a new one. Also, after trying some out of my comfort zone, I'm back to safe zone. That being Nivea.
If you read some of my previous posts, such as Nivea's original cream or Nivea's Soft cream or Review: Nivea day care mattifying or basically any other post with the tag 'Nivea', you know I love that brand! Going in the store with that in mind, I just had to choose some of their moisturizer. Not too much hassle. Boy was I wrong... Nivea recently put out their new line called Urban skin with lots of different products so check it out in your stores.

Because skin is alive, Nivea develops products that support skin's own biology in a highly effective was. Offers 48-hour care. Has SPF 20. Refreshes with light formula, protects skin. Feel healthy-looking smooth skin.
I won't talk much about the packaging because it's typical for Nivea cream and I don't really care too much about the packaging. However, I always like when there's this one extra foil lid so you know nobody has touched this. Also, the whole box comes wrapped in a transparent foil. There's 50 ml of cream for about $7.50.
Cream is light green which is not visible when you apply it on your face, nor it has any weird flashback. It's more of a gel consistency I would say. It's not a full gel, but definitely not a regular moisturizer texture either. I have to mention that it's probably a good thing you can't pick up enormous amount of it by just taping your finger on the surface. It's a good thing because what ever you have on just by tapping once is enough. A little goes a long way and I only need 4 light taps for my entire face (2 for each cheek, 1 for beard, nose and a bit of neck and 1 for forehead).
So far, I haven't noticed any major changes, but my skin feels much better than with using the previous moisturizer. It's smooth, not dry, but not oily either. I need my skincare to be on the top of the game cause I don't use make-up much so my skin has to be "perfect".

Verdict? When I first used this, I thought this would be a first negative Nivea review on my blog. However, after some usage, I can't say I don't like it. I still think I should have gone with my favorite Day care mattifying, but I'll definitely use this to the end. Also, I noticed that it sits and works way better if you actually clean your face, even if it's just with some micellar water. It's not matte, but I sometimes put setting powder on it and I'm good to go. Also, I really like that it has SPF so I don't have to worry about forgetting to put sunscreen on.

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Not my favorite Nivea moisturizer, but definitely a good one. Have you tried anything by Nivea?


  1. It's great that it has sunscreen, I wish mine did! I haven't tried much from Nivea x

    1. Yeah, I can't be bothered with putting on sunscreen just yet haha