06 November 2017

Fall fashion | 2017 no black! (part 2)

I hope you saw part one of this fashion post as I did some conventional fall looks there (meaning there are long pants in all outfits). This post would be more my style when I go out to meet my friends.
As I said in part one, I decided to use only fall colors which also excluded black. Creating 12 looks without black was a real challenge for me so tell me how I did...
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.
I'm starting with something I wish I had the courage to wear. I saw these dark green boots and I found this metallic part very interesting. I chose this red plaid skirt to go with them. Since I can't use black, I chose grey to be my safe color. I also found this oversized denim jacket which I know is very popular now. To finish this somehow sporty look, I found this dark green backpack with lots of colorful brooches and long necklace with red and turquoise details.
Oversized clothes are very popular this year so I knew I had to have at least one piece in my post. I found this green knitted jumper which should be warm enough for fall so you don't need a jacket. I paired it with denim shorts and knee-high boots with interesting design. There's also this brown backpack because I think backpack goes great with this style and gold dangle bracelets. I can picture rolled up sleeves and this bracelets looking great. On top of all this, there are dark lips.
I started loving high-waisted shorts that have shirts tucked in. So I also chose this beige bodysuit. Since shorts are green, I chose green boots with quite high heel and small brown leather bag. I believe these make the outfit a bit more elegant. I also chose some small gold rings and gold necklace with turquoise stone. This stone complements this short trench coat very well. The color of this coat makes this whole outfit a bit more fun.
Capes and cloaks are also a huge thing this year so I love this red cloak. I found ankle boots with high heel in the same color and I believe this is enough red color for this outfit. There's grey base with this sweater and denim shorts. Dark green bag and mostly green necklace go great together, but also compliment this red color really nicely. To finish this outfit, just put on lipstick in the same red shade.
Last outfit is also somehow based on grey color with these over-the-knee boots and bucket bag which, in my opinion, is perfect for fall (I can't explain that connection...). Since there's a fun denim skirt with embroidery, I chose this bodysuit in the same beige color as are the flowers on the skirt (few shades lighter). However, top will not be visible under this dark orange poncho (scarf, blanket,...?).

Are you more for part one or part two of this post? What is your go-to fall outfit?


  1. Love an oversized, chunky-knit sweater! The green boots are perfect as well x

    1. I don't wear oversized, but I really like some pieces, including this green sweater :D


  2. I absolutely love these outfits! The colours and the prints! Really need to up my wardrobe game

    1. I'm so glad you like them :D
      I feel we're all always in black and playing it safe when there are such amazing outfits we could put together :D

      thank you for coming!