19 October 2017

Fall fashion | 2017 no black! (part 1)

I already showed you what I got for fall in my New in: late summer/fall fashion 2017 post. However, I have many more ideas and not enough money to get it all so I'll show you some more fall outfits.
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.
For this post (and part 2) I've decided not to include anything black and go for only true fall colors! I'm a huge fan of black color in clothing and I think it's the easiest color to combine. I also go for the safest option when putting together a look. So this was a real challenge.
I chose the yellow jacket first and build my look from there. Since I knew I wanted color block with small red crossbody bag, I left the entire outfit pretty basic with grey shirt and grey jeans. For accessories, I chose light brown booties and scarf in the same color. Watch matches this color, but has silver so there are silver earrings too.
Am I the only one who thinks 'French' when seeing the beret? I've seen red is trending color now so I found these red ankle boots. This bag also adds some red vibe, but it's interesting enough with this thick multi-colored strap which is also trending now. You can see I dragged red color through all accessories so I chose red and gold long necklace to spice up this wider beige sweater. Jeans are always a safe way out. I chose light denim jeans with dark denim jacket which I love.
I saw this interesting brown leather jacket and I knew I had to make an outfit with it. I then saw this unique tote bag which matched this jacket perfectly. The rest was just complementing these two pieces. Watch and boots are almost the same color as the jacket and ring has these two fall colors from the bag. To bring some color in this outfit, I chose this burgundy shirt and plain denim jeans. Sunglasses had to be brown, of course.
I wouldn't be me if I didn't include one totally girly and fancy outfit. I saw these beautiful over-the-knee burgundy boots which paired great with this bag with rhinestones for some bling. The rest of the outfit had to be classy, so I chose denim jeans, which are both comfortable and easily paired with lots of clothes,  and white blouse which is tucked into jeans. Beige leather jacket here looks more like a blazer which gives some professional look to it. I also chose some green necklace and beret to break the burgundy theme.
Lastly, one casual outfit. I started from this red jacket which is something between a coat and a zipper sweatshirt. Since it looks pretty casual, I chose these pretty white sneakers with some bronze/gold details. Bag also has some themed colors, but it's not too fancy and not too sporty. Jeans and T-shirt fit in great in this casual outfit. I then added some small and simple jewelry along with sunglasses in the same color.

Which outfit is your favorite? What do you wear during fall?


  1. Love these outfits, especially the third one! They're colorful but still perfect for fall :)

    1. Third one is my favorite too :D thank you!
      I wanted to include some colors but only brown, green, red, yellow and oranges. - you know, fall :D

  2. Love all the colours! I should probably stop wearing so much black! xx

    1. I'm totally with you. I live in black and I don't think I'll ever stop loving it. That's exactly why I did this challenge for me :)
      thank you for stopping by :)

  3. I love all of these outfits! I also love that there's no black in sight, I wear waayy too much of it x

    1. I have a feeling we all do. That's why I did this. I live in black haha

      thank you for commenting :*