12 October 2017

My NYX lipstick collection

In a post My lipstick collection I showed you everything I have in that department. However, as I have more than one lip product by NYX I decided to show them in a separate post.
Prepare yourself for some swatches and reviews.
Note: I'll probably buy some more NYX lipsticks from different lines so I'll review them sometime later.
I did swatches on my legs cause I was afraid of stains.
Fireball. This one is the most recent in my collection. I bought it on 50% off sale. It's way more orange in person, but I love it for summer. It has a buttery feel as the name suggests. It's really lightweight, like you're wearing a lipgloss, but with more pigment. As most lipsticks on me, this one too survived drinking and talking for 8 hours, but it did fade. However it faded equally on the entire lips so it didn't look bad.
Exotic and Ruffle trim. These two were bought for a neutral lip look for a wedding. I have to say I have not regretted my decision. These two are perfect in all aspects. They held all day and all night (I was in wedding event for about 18 hours!!) with eating and drinking of course. They can't be removed with water and it takes a bit more to remove them with make-up remover, but it's not too much of a struggle. They have precise applicators so you don't need to outline your lips. They obviously dry completely matte. The only downside is their dryness which goes in hand with matte and extreme staying power. I didn't mind it, but my mom did. You can apply lip balm, wait for about 20 minutes and then apply these. The staying power will be reduced, but slightly and you'll still get good 8 hours of wear. I would recommend these any day!
Foul mouth and Oh, put it on. These didn't impress me. First of all, I went to buy the darkest purple and I got Foul mouth. I tried it in the store and in that lighting it looked fine. It turned out to be a blue lipstick in every other lighting. Blue! Then I went in and got Oh, put it on which looks like a dark red in bottle and in their store. And it turned out to be a purple after all. So I hated that. I also didn't like the staying power of these lip products. They faded unevenly so I had to take them off after about 4 hours (which is a shock for me).
  • cosmic metals - not available any more
Ultaviolet. I got this one thinking I would put it on top of Foul mouth and maybe turn it into purple. It didn't work. However, it looks good on top of Oh, put it on. By itself, it's just a lipgloss in a weird color.

What NYX products do you own? Recommend some other, I'd love to try them out!


  1. I've only tried the Butter lipsticks out of these, I love them! Definitely need to pick up some of the lip lingeries x

    1. I'm going to try those soft matte (I believe that's what they called).
      Be careful with lingeries, as they are quite drying as I mentioned :D
      thank you :*

  2. hmmmm exotic is such a gorgeous colour!

    katie. xx

    1. it's my version of nude color haha
      I love it!
      Thank you for coming and reading :)

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  4. Omg ruffle trim and exotic look amazing! They're my sort of colours... I'm deffo going to buy them when I hit Boots next! NYX's soft mattes are my favourite though x

    1. I can wear Exotic every single day with every single look and makeup, I love it that much!
      How do I not own any soft mattes? That's on my list :D

      thank you for coming :*