09 October 2017

Essence eyeshadow palettes (all 6)

You know how much I love Essence. I say that in every post that has their products in there. There's also a tag on the left that shows I have majority of my posts about Essence cosmetics. To cut to the chase, I bought all six of their All about... eyeshadow palettes and I want to show them all to you.
There's one more palette now containing all bright colors. That one is from their new collection, but colors are too bright and too similar to my Makeup Revolution Acid brights palette so I won't be buying that palette.
Note: Click on any photo to enlarge it. I did this table of photos cause this would be a really long post with only photos.
Firstly, I took photos of all 6 palettes so you are able to see what you're getting. All upper photos are with flash, all bottom ones are taken on daylight. Also, these photos are totally unedited so these are the exact colors you get in these palettes.
Along with photos of bare palettes, I also made some finger swatches. Again, all upper photos are with flash and bottom ones are without flash. Left photos are swatches of the upper row and right ones are of the bottom row.
These are the most affordable eyeshadow palettes out there. They cost around $3 each and you get 8 eyeshadow and total of 9,5 g of eyeshadow.
They apply just OK with their eyeshadow brushes, but they are definitely much better when applied with a finger; especially shimmers. Some colors disappear if you blend too much and you have to build them on. I got so used to these eyeshadows that I don't even mind some fallout or the fact that I need probably more eyeshadow than I would if I was using some other palette. You also need a primer of any kind because without it, colors will fade away in really short time. With primer they stay on the (oily) lid for about 6 hours before noticing some minor changes.
There are some great crease colors in the palette Nudes, there are also great highlighting shadows in every palette. Also, darker shadows, especially black in Greys makes a great shadow to darken the outer corner.
I honestly love using these for day time looks as they are really subtle if you don't build them up. I also used them for nights out and I used mostly shimmers which are just beautiful. Some of my favorite looks were made with these palettes.
Of course, there are way better palettes out there. However, I got used to these so I would say they aren't bad at all!

What eyeshadow colors are your favorite?


  1. I don't think I've seen any of these palettes at my drugstore! I will have to keep an eye out for them :)

    1. They are a bit harder to work with if you're used to something better, but there are some great shades. :D


  2. So many pretty shades, lovely photos!

    Anika |

  3. oh i love this - such gorgeous shades! x

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