02 October 2017

Jessup brushes review

Few months ago (read: last year) I ordered these brushes because I wanted to step up my game without losing much money. I saw these on the site Pink Panda (Balkan area only?) and they were on discount so I knew it was the perfect time to get them.

I also know these are cruelty free because Pink Panda doesn't sell anything that isn't cruelty free. Also, they have variety of colors. I wanted black/gold combination, but these were, as I said, on discount so I got these (little did I know they put different colors on discount very often).
I'll say they came separately packed which I really like. They have quite thick handles so they take up a lot of space in these brush holders I have (good thing is I don't have many other brushes). This set of 10 brushes costs around $43 dollars, but I got them for around $11. There are 5 face brushes and 5 brushes for eye make-up.
This is how I use these brushes, not how they named it.
* I never actually used this brush so I guess this would it be good for.
Out of all these I use foundation brush the most. I love it how easy it is to apply liquid foundation and how fast it is done. Setting powder brush is also great for me, although I know people prefer some round fluffy brushes for setting their foundation. I like to use this one when working with loose powders so I can really push the powder into my foundation. Contouring brush works great with contouring set I have (and I've written a post about Catrice Professional contouring palette). It picks up product very well and it concentrates the majority in the middle, but you get nice faded effect.
This is how I use these brushes, not how they named it.
* I never actually used this brush so I guess this would it be good for.
My favorite brushes here are primer brush and the one for crease. I always use this primer brush cause it's the right size, it has flat top and works well with liquids. Crease brush is quite big so I love it for crease colors. It only takes me one or two swipes and the color is perfectly placed. All brushes pick up shadows very well and distribute the color how I want it.

Verdict? All these brushes are really big so you have to know how to work with them. It helps with face brushes cause your foundation is on in seconds. Brushes for eye make-up can be tricky to work with because of their size. However, I got used to them pretty easily. I can't say you would be able to do all make-up looks with just these, but you can definitely do an entire look just by using these brushes. They are nice quality, quite sturdy. Bristles are dense and soft. I washed them multiple times by now and they clean up very easy without breaking or losing hair. Definitely worth the money!

You can buy similar on eBay: 10PCS-Cosmetic-Blush-Brush-Set-Eyebrow-Foundation-Powder-Brushes-Makeup-jessup (there are many more sets by Jessup so check them out)

Which are your favorite affordable brushes?


  1. Looks like a great deal! I've never used an angled, fluffy crease brush, I bet it would really help with transition shades x

    1. It sure was! They have lots of designs and they're often on discount :D
      I don't know if that's generally OK, but I got used to these :D

      thank you for coming!

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