23 October 2017

New in: make-up | follow-up post

Few weeks back I posted my New in: make-up | summer-fall 2017 post showing you what I got myself during past few weeks (months?). I promised I would do the follow-up post which I've never actually done before.
Some products will not be featured here because I want to do full reviews on those so keep coming back to see when they'll be posted. I'll keep this short and sweet.
Since I wrote that new-in post, I got some new stuff so I'll show them here too. I've been testing these for about 5 weeks now and I'm finally ready to give you my thoughts.
Note: I'll separate products I like and the ones I dislike so you can decide which group you like more. Also, there are swatches off all in the end.
Black eyeliner. Unfortunately, the tip dried out pretty fast, but it's still manageable to work with it. However, it's hard to do a precise wing. The pigmentation is buildable and it dries pretty quickly without transferring onto the lid. It is quite long lasting, but not waterproof so it wouldn't hold in the rain or during concerts (steam and sweat).
Brown eyeliner. I really wanted this one to be great because I think brown looks more natural on my eyes and it would be the perfect liner for every day. However, its pigmentation is not that great and it took me more than three layers to apply it evenly. You can't go over one layer cause it just erases what you had on. Tip isn't dry so far and it's better than the black one. Once it's applied, it looks quite good, but it's not as long lasting as I would want it to be. It's also not waterproof and my eyes started watering just while I was wearing it. You'll also struggle if you're trying to do a wing. However, I'll continue to use it.
Eye pads. I cooled them for about an hour and then held them on my eyes for about 15 minutes. I honestly didn't see any difference. I used it just after waking up and I thought this would help my eye area. There was no effect. Maybe over some period of time, but for one time use, there was nothing.
Affinitone foundation. I used this only once mixed with Garnier BB cream in Light. It oxidized so much that I had muddy patches all over my face and now I'm scared to use it again. In case you can't see it, I played in Paint and I showed you the difference in shades.
Eyeliner stencils. Oh my God. I don't know who can use this and look good. It's too sturdy for eye curves and the shapes are kinda weird. I tried with lots of different eyeliners and it was a fail every single time. You can see this fail at the end of the post.
Foundation brush. I was so happy to see a real foundation brush by Essence, but I was disappointed with this one. It has soft and dense bristles, but the feeling was really weird. It's too short to hold and bristles are also kinda short for what I'm used to. It's not a bad brush, but I'm used to something different.
Vibrant shock lip paint. As I assumed, it's a mix between a lipstick and lipgloss. This is a beautiful red shade with great pigmentation. However, it doesn't dry fully matte so it's not really longlasting. It will hold up just fine until you eat or drink something. It's very comfortable on the lips and has a really nice smell.
Liquid suede metallic matte lipstick. (I couldn't include it in the picture because I forgot it at my friend's house.) If you read my post about NYX lip products, you know that Liquid suede line is my least favorite. However, I'm willing to look past it because of this beautiful shade. Considering I was drinking and singing the entire night, it held up pretty good. Only the inner parts of my lips were a bit faded, but it looked pretty good in general (after about 6 hours of wear + eating).
Metal art lip & eye liner. Even though I've seen people use it on lips, I only ever used it on my eyes. There's a good pigmentation and nice application. They also dry pretty fast which is good for me. Brush is also just as I like it. I wouldn't use it every day cause it's metallic and in color, but for some occasions and different looks, I think it's a perfect product.
Cushion eyeliner. I heard so many great things about it, but when I first used it didn't live up to expectations. However, I had glitter eyeshadow on and I think it was hard to apply it on that. Next time I used it I only had eyeliner without even eyeshadow primer or foundation. I have oily eyelids, but it stayed on perfectly the whole time. It was really easy to apply on normal eyeshadows too. I used it with their eyeliner brush and I have to say I am a total fan of this product! The only thing you need to do is clean your brush immediately after using.
Super beauty sponge. Unlike their new foundation brush, this sponge did great. It's a bit weird to hold it due to its hourglass shape, but it's OK after few minutes. It doubles in size when it's damp. It leaves nice finish and spreads foundation evenly.
Baby skin primer. You have all heard so many things about this primer by now so I won't write much. I could instantly see the blur effect which is its main claim. In regards to keep my oily skin under control, it didn't do anything, but it is not its job anyway.
Coast 'n' chill darkening drops. As Affinitone foundation didn't work, I decided to buy these affordable darkening drops. I used them with my Essence foundation and they did exactly what I expected. They didn't change the formula of my foundation, but they darkened it in just the right shade. I recommend these.
These are all unedited. In upper left corner, there's NYX lipstick after those 6 hours of wear (concert + drinking + eating). Have in mind it's as visible in person as it is focused here that it's faded. Below there's gold nail polish featured in the original post linked above. Upper right corner shows bloody mary lipstck. Eye photos show me trying to use stencils with different eyeliners. They don't work for me.

That's all. Which product is your favorite or least favorite?


  1. The metallic lipstick looks so good considering the conditions! I never understood how eyeliner stamps could suit everybody's eyes.

    1. Also have in mind I used a completely wrong shade of lip liner (that's why it's so purple on edges...) and it really did!
      I have no idea why I thought these would work. Complete rubbish.