16 October 2017

Green silver nails

What to do when you realize in the middle of the night that you didn't do your post for tomorrow and you didn't do your manicure for a week? You make the most of it and post this exact manicure. So here I am.
My phone is also not working so I'm using some old one which has a bad camera. That's why all pictures are the same and there are not different hand poses like in the rest of my 'Nails' posts. Oh well...
Manicure doesn't need to be complicated at all to look a bit different and like you put some more effort in it. This is one of those manicures. All you need is two nail polishes, preferably a thin brush and a more-or-less steady hand.

I used:

What do your nails look like right now?


  1. My nails are completely bare right now, but I just ordered some new holographic polishes that I'm excited to try out! This is such a beautiful look, love that shade of green :) What do you use to keep the rhinestones on your nails? x

    1. I'm not really happy with this design, but it was quick and they're not plain. And I needed to write a post haha
      thank you!
      I have some holo by essence (of course) and they are great!!!

      I used Essence nail glue but I think they're not selling it anymore as I can't find it anywhere. But it's the strongest glue (for anything basically) :D

  2. My nails are completely bare right now! You did an awesome job with this manicure though :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. thank you! I'm not really satisfied, but it's better than nothing as I love nail art :)