05 October 2017

The sunshine blogger award | tag

Every now and then I get tagged in some post and I love those. I love answering these questions and I love reading them as I find out something new about a person every single time. This time Katie from Beauty from Katie tagged me in The sunshine blogger award tag and I'm here to answer her questions. Thank you Katie!
This is a lot like the Infinity Dream Awards post I did more than a year ago. Keep tagging me in these, please! Haha. I rarely share something personal here, so I think these posts are a great break from beauty related posts.
Rules: thank the person who nominated you, answer the questions they tagged you to do and nominate more people for the award!

My answers on Katie's questions:
  • What's the last book you read? What did you think of it?
Last book I read was Lessons in French by Laura Kinsale. Even though I love romantic everything (so I thought I would like this book too), I honestly really didn't like it. I could barely get to the end as I was so bored. It kinda has this romantic vibe, but to me it was really weird.
  • What's your opinion on Halloween?
We don't celebrate Halloween as such in Croatia. We honor the dead on 1st of November. However, American way of living (American movies and TV shows have a huge impact here) has come here so younger population celebrates it more and more. Although I like the idea and the feeling to be a part of something the whole world does, I never picked it up. Unless my friends propose the idea to do it, I surely won't. We dress up and have our version of Halloween in February.
Source: Pro Anti-anti-everything or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Holidays
  • Who inspired you to start blogging?
Me. I had some emotional problems back then so I started my personal blog (which I don't promote, but you can find it every now and then on my Twitter). I was talking to my friend Anchy from We're this and she told me about blogging and showed me her blog and that was it. I started this one cause I wanted to share my manicures and now I have a whole beauty/lifestyle blog going on.
  • Do you have a makeup brand that you are loyal to?
If you ever opened my blog, you would know it's Essence. I just love them. I always go to their aisle first and then I check out some others... I also love Nivea, not for make-up, but for skincare products.
Source: Essence makeup Canada
  • Are there any brands that you would never buy from?
Jeffree Star for sure. Although I hear his make-up is great, I find him very annoying and rude. Also, even if I wanted to, I don't think I could afford anything.
  • Do you remember any of your resolutions from last year? Did you stick to them?
Oh God. Now I went and read like 10 of my posts about this. I always make a list... I have a post on it too. I make them for each season, month, year... I do it all and I actually never look back as I know I won't do most of it from the start. I'm going to do another now that fall has began and I have some things I really really need to do so we'll see if I'll make it. I wanted to get a tattoo. I still want it. See some I want in this tattoo tab.
Source: Small elephant tattoos
  • What are you most looking forward to about the fall months?
As I said before, I'm not a fan of fall, but I think I'll like my fashion this fall as I got some great new pieces that will go great with something I already had. You can see my fashion haul in the post New in: late summer/fall fashion 2017. Also, I'm kinda looking forward to Christmas already.
  • Last movie you saw in theaters?
Oh, I haven't been in cinema for so long... I honestly can't remember. I know I've seen something after it, but first thing that came to my mind is The Lego Movie (that was 2014?!) and I loved it (except for the end) and I'm looking forward to seeing The Lego Batman movie.
Source: The LEGO Movie review: Everything is awesome
  • What is your favorite thing about where you live?
I love both my country and my town. I love that we have all 4 seasons, that we have valleys, sea and mountains. I love it how everything is relatively close to me (living in capital city in the central of the country). I love walking through my town and exploring it every time. I love old architecture and the history here. You can read some basics you need to know about my country in my post 10 things you need to know about Croatia and Croats.
Source: Revealed: Croatia's Zagreb, Gotland in Sweden and LEEDS are among the top ten places to visit in Europe in 2017, according to Lonely Planet
  • Do you like Christmas/holiday music?
Of course! I love Christmas and all that goes with it. I'm a huge Christmas fan! I start playing Christmas music at the beginning of December and I can listen to it over and over. That's actually the only music I have on my phone. For the rest I just listen to the radio.
  • What are your favorite type of blog posts to write about?
I love writing reviews, but they take up a lot of time. Testing products is really hard for me especially because I don't wear make-up on daily basis. I don't know which are my favorite actually. It depends on the mood and time I have, but I generally love it all.

Questions for nominees:
  1. When did you start blogging? Did you think you would accomplish less or more by now (honestly!)?
  2. Do you change your make-up and skincare routine with the season change?
  3. Do you hope to make blogging your full-time job some day?
  4. Do you work with any brands? If yes, how did you start? Any tips?
  5. What's your favorite song that you love for the message/meaning it has?
  6. Do you ever feel nostalgic? Do you miss being a child, old friends or events...?
  7. Who writes your favorite blog? Let's share some love. Share links too, please.
  8. Which is your favorite holiday (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, 4th of July...)?
  9. Which place would you like to visit? Share a photo if you can.
  10. Which social platform are you most active on?
  11. If you could recommend one item to others, which one would it be? Anything goes - make-up, skincare, decor, clothes, food...
If/when you do this, tag me on Twitter so I don't miss it :)
I know some people don't like these. If you are the one who doesn't like tag posts, please let me know so I wouldn't bother you anymore. :)

That's all. Hope you liked this!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the questions! Your city looks really beautiful! I personally love Halloween but I know it's not a holiday in every country, not even everyone in America celebrates it haha.

    1. I love tag posts :D Thanks again for tagging me :)
      Thank you!
      I have a love-hate relationship towards it haha

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