28 September 2017

New in: late summer/fall fashion 2017

I've set up so many polls on Twitter asking whether you would like to see any of my fashion hauls. Every time I asked, majority was voting 'yes' and I never did it. Don't know why. Finally, after months of waiting, I'm here with a fashion haul and I tried on everything. This is supposed to be a fall edition, but summer clothing was on sale so I, of course, took some of that.
Don't mind my weird poses which are all the same. This is my first try on post. Also, I know all of these don't work well with my body, but I'm kinda making myself get in shape by this (?). Also, I now realize I should have put an actual outfit with jackets and all, but I just put on what I bought recently. And I also forgot to change my shoes. Luckily, these go with everything. It's gonna be better next time. Anyhow, let's get on with the photos.
Note: Please acknowledge my super improvised background. Yes, it's a white bed sheet.
This crop top was only $3 so I obviously had to have it. I've never liked crop tops cause I don't like my body in them. However, this one is pretty fitting so it gives me some shape. I also have these high-waisted jeans so my belly is minimally shown. I also have these shoes that kinda make this outfit appropriate for fall.
Crop top again. And I'm supposed to hate them. This one is the total opposite to the first one. It reminds me of some jersey. I also know these prints are very popular now. Although this one is not fitted, it's also long enough when paired with these high-waisted jeans. I would still wear a camisole underneath it if going to school, college or any other place like that. It costed $3.
We're making progress. Not a crop top. This is plain white T-shirt. What's special about it is it's material which is a lot stiffer than in usual T-shirts, big fake silver buttons on shoulders and the fact that it's oversized. I'm also not a fan of over-sized. Shocker. I love how plain and interesting this item is paired with just black jeans. This T-shirt was around $25. Jeans were about $30.
Every single fall and winter I get T-shirts and I pair them with cardigans and other layers of clothes cause I really hate winter clothes. I hate long-sleeved stuff. But I love blouses. So I got this dark blue blouse with 3/4 sleeves. I love this one cause it has front and back as a blouse, but sides are T-shirt material which makes it really comfortable. I bought it for about $24.
What is this first pose? Although I don't like wearing long sleeves and I certainly don't like how I look in most of these clothes, I still need to be warm from time to time. I thought I couldn't go wrong with basic black shirt with the best print ever. Yes, I love it that much. I think this was also around $13.
Going with the theme, grey is also a safe color. And I love pandas so this was an obvious choice. Emojis are super popular and have been for some time now. I hope they won't go out of style soon cause I really like this shirt. It's really comfortable and soft. This one was also around $13.
Next I got this fake leather green skirt for $3. I usually wouldn't buy this color or material, but for this price I knew I could get some good outfit. I paired it with black bodysuit with actual short sleeves which I love and always search for. Bodysuit was about $16. I would just throw some long sweater over this and I'm ready to go.
This one is my favorite cause I'm wearing everything I feel most comfortable in. I'm wearing new jeans which I got for $48. They are ripped, with sequins and boyfriend cut with ankle showing. Basically everything I wouldn't normally wear. But I loved these and I love how easy it is to pair them cause they're the statement item here.

In total I spent $201 during my shopping. However, I didn't show you everything here cause some stuff are just basic T-shirts, plain blue jeans and camisoles. I showed you clothes worth $178. Of course, I didn't spend all of this at once, but I distributed my shopping trips into few so my wallet could take it easier.

What look is your favorite? What item would you actually buy and wear?


  1. I want to try getting a leather skirt but I don't want to spend a lot of money one one! Where did you get the green one? Great haul xx

    1. Most of these stuff are from New Yorker, Orsay and Tally Weil.
      Skirt and all really cheap stuff are from Terranova -->

      thank you :*

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