25 September 2017

Purple gold manicure

How long has it been since I posted a manicure post? Two weeks? Seems like a lifetime. Although posts about nails and manicures bring me the least views and comments, nails are my biggest passion here so I'll never stop posting them. I sometimes get comment how my manicures are hard to do by a beginner (which I don't think it's the case at all), so I love posting these simple manicures every once in a while.
Today I have a super easy and elegant manicure. You can do it in half an hour and I guarantee it will catch some looks. I also love this contrast between deep purple shade and gold. To make it stand out even more, add a matte top coat and then shiny rhinestone.
I used:

Do you like this simple manicure? What's your favorite nail polish color?


  1. Love these colors together! I actually think I could do this one haha

    1. haha it's super easy, I mean you definitely can glue some rhinestones on :D
      let me know if you do :)

      thank you for coming :*

  2. This is such a gorgeous autumnal colour! I love the gold rhinestones too, they add such an elegant touch! I'm so glad that you're posting what you love regardless of views, enjoying blogging for yourself is what it's all about! You've got the right attitude IMO!

    Abbey 💓

    1. I don't really go with season when it comes to my nails, but this one definitely went with the season :D

      thank you so so much! I really appreciate this :* made my day :D