14 September 2017

Kiehl's tester products

About two months ago I walked in a Kiehls store expecting to buy the most popular oil in the beauty world. To be honest, that's the only thing I knew Kiehls had. I also saw free skin testing which I was really interested in. A girl there tested my skin in about 5 minutes and I already got some testers exactly for my skin type to try out.
Now that I've used them all, I can make some honest review. I had about 3 week pause in between (not on purpose, but taking opened testers on vacation would be really hard) using these so I can also see the difference.
Note: I got two of each product the girl used on me. She thought my mom was going to use it too, but I took it all. Sorry mom. Although she couldn't care less. Haha.
Step one - cleanser: I used it every morning and night with my SkinPro cleansing device. I used only small amount of it and it cleaned my face really really good. It doesn't get really foamy (is that a word?) which I like. It's gentle and didn't do any harm on my skin. I did notice my skin was dryer after it, but I have oily skin so this was good for me.
Step two - toner: Using toner as a liquid from this bag was a bit struggling, but I did it. I usually don't see some difference or the use of toners, but I got used to them as people say they're important so I used this one too. After stripping my skin of all its oils, toner brought back some moisture in my skin which I really liked.
Step three - cream: This cream is really lightweight. I only took small amount of it and it covered my entire face. I wouldn't say I'm amazed by it, but it did its job and it did it really well.
Step four - oils: I obviously got day and night oils here and that's exactly how I used them. I used about 3 drops of each to cover my entire face (these drops were created by poking a hole in this packaging; I didn't take off the upper part as I was supposed to). These are my favorite products out of these four and I can really see the difference when using these.

Verdict? Just by using these, I would highly recommend them. As I said, I had a 3 week pause and my skin went to a rather bad state and I saved it by using these for only few days. I was amazed by how good and fast these products work. Also, even though they are freaking expensive, these testers only lasted be quite a long time so I am sure I would have one bottle for a year. I would suggest you going into Kiehl's and getting your skin tested. Take testers and witness the miracle. Kiehl's here I come!

Do you own anything by Kiehl's? What are your thoughts on their products?


  1. Great post, I love kiehls, especially the midnight oil but I do always get testers before buying to make sure it works for my skin!

    Kate x

  2. these are definitely too expensive to buy without trying them out first. now I just have to save some money to actually get them :D

    thank you for coming, reading and commenting :)