07 September 2017

My Essence lipstick collection

It's no secret that I absolutely love Essence. As I said many times before, they're super affordable, cruelty free, with some great products! What's not to love? Anyway, as I announced in one of previous posts, I'm going to show this collection separately. For my entire lip product collection, check My lipstick collection post.
I'm really happy to have this collection and I wish to get more. Stay tuned for my new make-up haul coming soon. I'm showing you both hand and lip swatches with and without flash so I really hope you'll like it.
Note: All upper rows are with flash and bottoms are without. In case you get lost, flash photos have a camera with a flash ;) Also, I didn't let them dry, so they may appear all glossy, but #08 matt matt matt and #28 long lasting are really matte, while the rest of them are velvet mate and #10 glamour queen and #15 sheer & shine are more like lipglosses. Also, I haven't used any lipliners.
#03 live, love, laugh! - limited edition not available anymore
#16 I am yours!
#10 glamour queen
# 21 trés chic
#27 mystic violet - similar
#06 barely there!
#28 time for a toffee break? - I believe that's that
I personally love all of these. I have "weird" lips and all lip products seem to stay way longer on my lips than on other people so I can't really judge their staying power. For me, they are great. Again, they are really affordable, costing around $3. These four long lasting ones (28 long lasting, 23 velvet matt, 06 barely there and 16 I am yours) are my favorites. However, for college or quick touch-ups, I like to use sheer ones cause I don't need to be as precise and I don't need to use lipliners.
Using different lipliners, you can achieve different shades of lipsticks and different looks so play with them. Also, I never use black or white as they're supposed to be for maybe ombre or changing the shade, but I found it really hard to use and it didn't quite work for me. Halloween make-up, however, would love these.

Note: I know some of these are not available anymore, but this is my collection so I wanted to show them all. You can find similar lipsticks in their collection as they often change them. Barely there and I am yours are my favorite shades.

What do you think? Saw anything you like? Describe your collection!


  1. I can't believe I don't have any Essence lipsticks! A drugstore near me has recently started carrying them so I will have to pick some up. Your lip swatches look amazing, by the way! :)

    1. Their Matt Matt Matt lipsticks should be great, but long lasting (now ultra lasting) are my favorite :)

      thank you!! :* :*