21 September 2017

Lush bath bomb Dragon's Egg

I've entered Lush stores before, but I never actually bought anything. This time was different. As I live with my parents, I had to wait to have the apartment to myself so I could really take the entire bathroom and enjoy the bath. This day finally came and I dedicated this time only to myself.
Find all information about this bomb, including the price, in the given links.
I asked Lush's official Twitter page which one would they recommend as I've done 0 research and I've never had their bath bomb before. They offered some, but we don't have those in our country so I got Dragon's Egg. I decided only based on good smell.
Although I wanted some crazy colored bomb (because Instagram thought me those are the best and most instagramable, of course), lady asked me what scents I love and I said citruses. Lemons, oranges. She offered few, but this one had the strongest scent so I chose it.

Once my bath was full with warm water, I threw this bomb in there and waited. It immediately started frizzing and water was getting some beige, ivory color. That was a disappointment cause lady said it would turn my water into gold. After some time, it started popping as there are popping candy, as they call it, in there. Those are all different colors, but my water hasn't changed. Once the water got inside the bomb, right in the center, the gold color started coming out. There's a special part inside with gold pigment and glitter. Yes, gold glitter! It took it about 10 minutes (maybe less) to fully dissolve.
You can see the glitter, right?
Of course I almost burnt myself cause that wasn't warm water, but boiling hot. Nothing some more ice cold water couldn't handle. Although I loved the idea of gold glitter all over and warm water after a long day, I found the bath itself really weird. Not the bomb, the bath! Sitting there for 15 minutes was quite a struggle. I didn't know what to do, I can't fully lay down cause I have rather small tub. Looking at my naked body for so long is not a pleasant experience for me. However, I endured about 15 minutes.
If you read my post about my first (and only aside from this one) bath bomb that came in a Balea beauty box, you know that my body was like butter. It was so smooth and nourished. I didn't have that feeling after this one. Although, it doesn't say that you should feel like you applied tone of body lotion, I was kinda hoping I would get that. Honestly, I don't feel anything on my skin. I guess it's just to relax in a glittery water. My tub was also left with some yellow and glitter residue, but it was easily removed with water and soap.
Verdict? I honestly don't know. I loved the glitter and the smell. If you're into baths, then definitely try this one cause it's great. However, I'm not really the person that would sit in a tub for an hour so I didn't like overall experience. It also doesn't have any impact on your skin. If you can really relax during a bath, try this one and relax in glitter.

Let me know if you ever tried this bath bomb. What are your experiences with bath bombs?


  1. I like your review of this! I've only tried one Lush bath bomb and I had a similar experience. It was nice and fun, but I'm not a big bath person either!

    1. Everybody seems to enjoy it so I wanted to try it out. I can't understand how someone can sit in a tub for an hour haha


  2. I can't say I use bath bombs...well, ever. I've seen Youtubers put them in baths and an assortment of colours explode out from theme, and I find that very pretty, but I don't know if they're for me.

    You've written a very detailed post!

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    1. Thank you so much! for reading and commenting :*

      yes, it's pretty and I definitely loved gold glitter, but other than that it was a waste of money and time... maybe some other bomb would have some effect on my skin but this one didn't...

  3. Similarly to you, I'm not that well acquainted with LUSH products! I have won a couple of their Bath bomb sets but I've never actually purchased anything from their stores myself haha! I love the golden look of the water but all that glitter must've been a nightmare to clean up haha! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

    Abbey 💓

    1. In my opinion they're way overpriced. I hear they have some great stuff, but I think people actually like the idea of having Lush products more than actual products. This was my first and probably last purchase :D
      btw, it wasn't that hard to clean it even though I thought my bath would forever be golden haha

      thank you so much for coming and commenting :*

  4. They look amazing girly! x

  5. Ooh I remember using this! I thought it was very boring until I popped it into the water. I love bath bombs from Lush! I don't think I can even pick a favourite x

    1. Yeah, I was waiting for gold the entire time haha
      oh, I don't mind the bomb but bath time isn't really my thing hah

      thank you for coming :)