22 March 2014

Blue lagoon

Blue is really the color of royal families. They say they have blue blood running through their veins. So, you can't go wrong with blue color, anytime.

This manicures are no more difficult than the ones before, so I think they will nicely complement the sequence. Again, I will present manicures where you don't have to have 100% calm hand and much experience. This shouldn't be a big problem for you.

I'm going to show you two manicures because you'll need the same materials for both of them.

You'll need:
  • blue nail polish with regular brush
  • silver nail polish with thin brush
  • Make a diagonal line from the outer bottom corner to the upper inner corner of your nail with blue nail polish.
  • Fill in the gap once you have made the line.
  • Wait until the blue one dries (at least until it's half dried). Take silver nail polish and make a border between the colored part of your nail and the other half.
  • Paint your whole nail with blue nail polish.
  • Take the silver one and make random stripes.
Both manicures are really simple and easy. You can do them in 15 minutes. And the effect is not that plain.

Enjoy having blue blood ;)

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