07 February 2019

Redecorate your room for minimal $$$

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

I always dreamed of having a big house, big rooms, spaces for just myself... I dreamed of having a Disney castle once I grow up. Thankfully, I realized dreams are not reality pretty fast so I altered my expectations. However, a big room is still a wish of mine. Or, at least, room decorated the way I want it to.
I still live with my parents in a room they built for me when I was about 10, maybe 12. It's pretty small, crowded with furniture. There's not much I can do here and it's still the way it was once they made it.

It's most certainly Instagram's or Pinterest's fault that we all want perfect rooms and apartments. I've always liked room decor and interior design, but I've been paying much more attention to it since I started blogging few years ago.
I also have some color theme now which used to be all colorful. I still love colorful, rainbow stuff, but I feel like my room should suit my age more. So I picked my favorite colors and now it's all turquoise-bronze-white-wood. Well I'm going into that direction. However, being on a student budget (with no income at the moment), redecorating can be a real pain. I'm gonna show you how I redesigned my room a bit with just a few dollars and a bit of creativity.

Print out some quotes. I already showed you some in my post DIY photo frame + room decor, but I added two more that I did myself in Microsoft Word. It's that simple. Adding some posters, prints of any kind or pictures on the wall, closet or shelves can make a big difference. This way you can personalize your room very quickly and cheap. 

Change the knobs. I recently bought some door knobs for all my drawers and cabinets and it immediately felt like a different room. Also, I had some fishes and shells for knobs and now I have bronze crystals which is more representation of me and it looks more 'adult' now. You could also have seen them in my post Small closet organization. I paid around $20 for all of them, but these were among pricier ones so I know there are cheaper nice options.

Buy artificial flowers. This is my opinion, but I love flowers in the rooms. They make every room nicer. Since I have pretty dark room and not enough space to actually grow some real plants, I bought bunch of artificial flowers to match the color theme in my room. I also dried some real flowers and now I have a bouquet of dry flowers.

Change the pictures on the wall. I had quite a few posters covering my walls when those were popular. As I grew older, I grew out of that stage and then I removed them all. It made a huge difference on how my room looked. Then I added some pictures and shelves and it changed again. I also have few photos on the string just hanging from my closet and I change the photos every now and then to give my room a new look.


Cut out some shapes and tape them to the wall. You've all seen when people put tape on the walls to create different shapes while painting the room. You can do that, which can look really great, or you can just cut out some colored paper and tape it to the wall. Having just a line of circles in the middle of one wall or behind the mirror can draw attention to it. It's easy to make and to remove if you get bored of it.

Change the placement of some figurines. I have a few figurines that I was given or I bought myself and they're all displayed on the top of my shelves and my desk. Every now and then, usually when I clean my entire room, I take them all down to clean and then I always change the order and placement of them.

Change the carpet. I had a red carpet that went great with my old walls, but they were repainted few years ago and red just didn't go with it. In the same time, my parents were looking for a carpet for their room. I gave them my red one and I bought the same one in some light grey color which can now go with any color of the walls. Also, everybody noticed how my room looked different before realizing it's just a different color carpet.

Change the sheets and blankets. I hope you do this anyway, but if you want to change the way your room looks, try buying like 2 sets of new sheets and blankets that go together and with your aesthetic. I personally love to plan my linen according to my mood and room decor.


Buy a decorative plate for bits and bobs. If you're anything like me, you'll understand my need to put everything into its place, into boxes and organized on some plates. I bought this decorative plate for Christmas DIY which you can see in my post Blogmas 2017: DIY Christmas ornaments. Since I don't use it for Christmas anymore, I can put my bracelets there, keys, hair ties, etc. It adds something to my room, but it's also useful.

Change the furniture set-up. This is an obvious one. If you have enough room to move stuff around, definitely do it. As I said, I can't do that, but my friend has and she did a great job just by moving her closet and bed.

Organize. And here's probably my favorite one. I love organizing stuff and I love boxes. That's a fact by now. So I like to gather things and put them in boxes so everything stays organized, but still easy accessible and close to me. Organizing your room can make a huge difference in how it looks overall.

How would you redecorate your room for a small amount of money?

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