12 December 2019

Blogmas 2019: December to-do list

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In my last post I wrote down one kind of wish list, Christmas presents wish list. But, more importantly, I love this list. I'm more for memories and experiences than for presents when it comes to December. I would like to see it all and do it all.

However, working full-time every single day until Christmas (yes, weekends too, for 20+ days) makes this really hard for me. I decided to put together a list to see how many stuff I can actually get done in this time. So let's see what I have planned so far.
If you want my last year's list, you can find it in my post Blogmas 2018: December wishlist (you can also print that photo and check what you do). Or, if you want some ideas for winter time, you have my post Blogmas 2018: What to do during winter, separated into categories for all to find some inspiration.
OK, now I can get on with this year's list.
  • do Christmas DIYs
  • decorate my room and our apartment
  • go to the nearest mountain when it snows
  • go ice-skating as often as possible
  • go to the annual Christmas concert at the main square
  • do a blog giveaway
  • buy a laptop
  • buy a TV
  • go to the film set of one of our most known winter movie
  • finally watch "It's a wonderful life"
  • do a photoshoot with my closest friends
  • send out Christmas cards
  • make one trip to where ever
  • go to the mass with grandma
  • see a "Nutcracker" in theater
  • do a Secret Santa at work
  • visit a Museum of Chocolate
  • see a "Swan lake" ballet
  • see a "Magic flute" opera
I actually believe I can achieve most of these. I'm already in the middle of some and I bought all the tickets for the shows. I'm so looking forward to those 3 days off around Christmas so I can plan all this out.

What is on your winter to-do list?


  1. I hope you are getting through your list. I decided to stress myself and make an unreasonable household to do list. I pushed myself too hard until yesterday when I stopped and took a breathe and realized I can finish what I haven't after Christmas. I put all of the tools and paint supplies away and finished decorating and tonight I plan to have a cup of spiked apple cider and enjoy the lights and candles and just relax.

    1. oh I used to be like that and then I would just be too stressed. So now I have more reasonable goals and the key is to never forget to have fun and relax. Holiday season should be stress-free :D
      enjoy your time!

  2. These are amazing ideas! Honestly I might steal some of them for my own to do list haha! I mean I know that December is almost over but I can still do them, right?! x

    1. you definitely can, at least some of these... Also, you can do them in January too, as long as it's winter :D