21 January 2019

Organizing laptop and my phone

** On a personal note this week: What I like in romance movies

A thing you may not know about me is that I love cleaning up and putting stuff to its place. Hello. My name is The Organizer. Nice to meet you. I love boxes, labels, categorizing stuff... Before you judge me, it's not like an obsession, but if I have the time, I'm probably going to go and tidy up my room.
However, it's a bit harder to stay organized with everything in its place if you hold on to everything. I like keeping stuff and I'm usually really sentimental so I don't get rid of much. Now that my room mostly has boxes and dividers and all that, I can say I'm pretty happy with my organizational skills.

But then there's my phone and my laptop. You can't put everything into a box. Or can you? Every year, when the year ends I have a grand clear out of my phone and I completely organize my laptop. To be fair, I keep both really neat throughout all year, but there are always stuff I can improve and reorganize. Here are some of my tips for having a nice memory box on your electronic devices.
  • separate events into folders
I love to take a bunch of photos, but my camera roll isn't cluttered. As soon as one event/trip/photo session with my friends ends, I'll immediately separate those photos in a folder and I'll usually name it so I would always know who-what-where-when. As for my laptop, I have few big folders like 'music', 'movies', 'photos', 'concerts'... And in those I have more folders specified to each concert, to each Christmas time, to each family thing we did and so on.
  • delete stuff you no longer need to see
I take a lot of screenshots of stuff I want to show to my friends or I just take photos of billboards on the road to remind myself of some event. Then I sit down, send all the screenshots and write down all events or what I wanted and I immediately delete the photos. Chances are I'm never going back to those anyway. Silly videos usually take up most of the space so they are going to trash as soon as I see them.
  • delete the folder without opening it
This is usually for my laptop, but I have had some folders I kept for so long. They were full of photos I downloaded before Pinterest and other sites were a thing and each time I opened some, I would feel nostalgia and I would think I'll definitely send these or print those. I never did. Now I kinda know which folder has what inside and I deleted some without opening them. If I don't know what's in there precisely, I probably don't need it.
  • buy external hard drive/USBs
This is probably a well known "trick", but I recently bought 6 USBs, all with different sizes for different stuff. I have an external hard drive of 1 TB which is now for all my movies and TV shows, then there's one for school and college stuff, one only for Christmas music as I tend to take that with me to different places... My laptop has only few games and stuff I'm using every day and it's basically a transition place for memories I transfer from phone or camera to hard drives.

Do you keep everything organized or do you just keep everything in camera roll and one folder?

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