10 January 2019

MUR Flawless palette

** On a personal note this week: NYE from hell to the best NYE

I'm thinking I have way to much make-up for a regular person. Then I also see that I mostly have eyeshadow palettes and I really don't need them all. I was planning on filming my declutter process so let me know if that's something you would like to see. Twitter friends said "yes".  
With this in mind, I bought myself this Makeup Revolution London (does anyone actually knows what this company is called now?) palette with 32 eyeshadows to use. When I was buying it, I was really into mattes with pops of shimmer and brown colors, something neutral and easy to apply. This seemed like a perfect choice.

I'll start from the basics. The palette comes in this silver-ish cardboard packaging which is quite nice, but a pain to take photos of. There are also all the shades shown on that packaging, but I wouldn't say all the shades are accurately presented. Maybe I got the wrong one, although it's says the right name, but colors are pretty different. The packaging presents more rose colors, some deep plums and there are nudes, blacks and a blue shade so I don't know how to feel about that. The palette itself is made out of strong plastic which feels quite heavy and durable.
When you open it, there's a huge mirror which I don't use, but it's better to have a mirror than just plastic without any use. There's also this transparent plastic with shade names. I know this may not suite most beauty bloggers or YouTubers because it's not practical, but I don't mind taking this out and putting it back after using the palette. There are 7 matte shades, 20 shimmers and 5 glitter shades. I wish they divided them according to rows or columns, but I guess it makes some sense with browns together, pinks, then burgundy and dark colors at the end.
What I really like about this palette is, even though it has way less matte shades than I expected, you can do a complete neutral matte make-up look. I wish there were more colorful mattes or shimmers but lighter colors. All shadows were easy to blend, shimmers are like butter and best applied with fingers, the same as the glitters. Not all mattes are fully opaque on the first layer, but they're easy to build up and you can get all the right colors.

Verdict? I love this palette. As I said, I wish for some other colors too, but I know I can get them in other MUR palettes. There's a bit of fall-out, nothing crazy, but I still like to put eyeshadow before my foundation. My favorite colors are all in the first column for subtle look, Soft Glow for inner corner highlight and Shimmer Hearth for the lid. Out of dark colors, I like Copper shimmer and Burgandy Nights.

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Do you own anything by MUR? What are your favorite eyeshadows or colors?

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