28 January 2019

New Nivea day & night care

** On a personal note this week: Today: 27.1.2019.

I was just going through my archive here to see when was my last skincare post and it was in November. This now seems so far away and it's been only around 2 and a half months, or in my schedule, 24 posts away. It was this Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame review and that product made it into my routine just to use it. As I said many times before, I'm not good with routines. I sometimes go days without using products for skincare and then something hits me and I'm all over it.

However, there is one product that I almost never forget and that's night creme or night moisturizer. When I go to bed, I usually have this routine with brushing my teeth, changing into PJs and so on and somehow I got used to putting on moisturizer too. However, when I get up, there immediately something to do and, while I'm still doing my bathroom routine, I'm already thinking of a million things I could or should do. And my moisturizer somehow gets lost in the process...

Then again, if I have a product I love, I'm more likely to use it regularly, right? So let's see what's new in my skincare routine. I've talked about my last favorite by Nivea and it was in the post Review: Nivea day care mattifying. It was absolutely perfect for my skin. Then I tried their new Nivea Urban skin moisturizer which was OK, but I didn't find is as great for my skin and I eventually stopped using it. However, this day version is supposed to be my old favorite just with a new packaging.

Starting with the obvious, the packaging is standard for all Nivea products and you get 50 ml of cream. Price for each is about $5 which is very reasonable if you ask me. I personally don't care much for the packaging, but I like these lids that can't open by themselves (as I mentioned this like a 100 times before). Each cream also has this foil extra lid so you know nobody put their fingers in it and it's brand new and full for you.

Day version. First, it has really nice subtle scent. The texture is quite light and watery when applied on the skin. You really don't need much of it to cover your whole face and it's really easy to spread around. It feels really lightweight and quite moisturizing. If I had to compare it, I would say it's very similar to Nivea's Soft cream. It also has a SPF 15.

Night version. Again, this one also has a scent, a bit stronger than the day version, but still nothing harsh. I personally like it and it will forever remind me of my grandma cause she used Nivea her whole life. This one is thicker, as expected. You don't necessarily need more product, you just need to dot it all over the face cause it's easier to spread like that. The first product that pops to my mind, similar to this one, is Nivea's original cream.

Verdict? I always like when brands give out both day and night versions so you can combine them and, ideally, get the best results. As this day version really is just repackaged my old favorite, of course I love it. It's lightweight and it has SPF which I would never put on on my own. It also mattifies my skin to some extent to I only need a bit of setting powder on T-zone before going out. I use it on its own and under make-up and I had no problems. Night version is, even though it's similar, much softer and easier to use which I love. It regenerates my skin and I have to admit I've been waking up with smooth and glowy skin. As per usual, yes, I would recommend Nivea. I always do because they work great for my skin. And they're affordable which is a huge plus.

How many times do I have to write a good Nivea review before you actually try it? Haha.

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