07 January 2019

Home-made Caesar salad

** On a personal note this week: NYE from hell to the best NYE

Food is back, back again... Yeah, I just watched a vlog where they sang this so it's stuck with me forever probably. If you're too young or whatever to know what I'm referencing, it's the song Eminem - Without Me (0:32). Now that we all know I listen to Eminem, I can continue my post.

I haven't done much regarding cooking on this blog and I've said multiple times I'm not a good cook. I mean, I maybe am, I just don't like to spend time in the kitchen. However, every now and then I still have to feed myself and this time I had to feed me and my brother and we had no idea what to eat. We were also too lazy to go to the store. So here's our lunch.

First of all, I know this is not a real Caesar salad, but every salad that has chicken in it is a Caesar salad to me. Sorry. Anyways, we just opened our fridge and took whatever we could use:
  • chicken breasts (500 g)
  • salad
  • tomato
  • cucumbers
  • pasta
  • mayonnaise (or tartar sauce)
  • tzatziki sauce
  • burrito seasonings (powder bought in a store)
I chopped all the ingredients to small pieces, except for green salad which I just tore up to some size suitable for eating. Then I fried the chicked which I previously marinated in a burrito seasonings because I was even too lazy to put my own spices. You can definitely just put a bit of salt on it and be done with the meat. I fried it in sunflower oil for 15 minutes? I have no idea, but you'll definitely see when it changes colors to brownish-gold.
While I was frying the chicken, I boiled pasta too. Once the chicken and the past were done, I let them cool completely because I'm not a fan of mixing cold and warm. Once everything was cool, I first added all the vegetables and mixed a bit. Then I added pasta and mixed, then mayo and tzatziki sauce and mixed and then, in the end, I added chicken and mixed it all. Even though it sound long, it took me about half an hour since I got the idea until my brother and I were eating it.

Do you ever make meals like this, from scratch? If you make this, please let me know how was it :)

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