24 January 2019

Ombre blue abstract manicure

** On a personal note this week: What I like in romance movies

Lately I really neglected my love and passion for nails because they take quite a lot of time to create. Also, I'm kinda a perfectionist when it comes to manicures and I'm almost never 100% happy with the way they look, but that's a whole other problem of mine. 

But! I'm absolutely in love with this manicure. The idea was taken (completely stolen) from very talented Yagala (and here's her photo and Instagram video). Honestly, when it comes to nails, I always go to her profile for inspiration and new tricks. If you like manicures or just find those wideos of painting nails relaxing, definitely go to her profile!

I believe she does most of her manicures with gels, but I did everything with regular nail polishes. Also, what pissed me off with this one is the fact that I don't have such thin brushes so my lines are not as polished as hers are. I'm not exactly sure which colors I used, but I know all were by Essence (shown in the photo). I also used rhinestones ordered on eBay.
 As usual, when doing ombre, I protect my fingers with clear washi tape. I pained my nails with base coat and one coat of white polish so all other colors would have the best opacity and color shown. I used a sponge I think I ordered from eBay too, but you can use make-up sponge or even that one for washing the dishes. I painted a gradient, covered with a top coat and then outlined my nails and added these dripping lines with dots.
If you've been a fan of my manicures, you probably noticed that I usually take my thumbs and ring finders as my focus for any additional drawings or rhinestone placement. This time I decided to go full on as she did so I also added some details to middle fingers and I absolutely love the way it turned out. I think there's a good balance between "plain" and detailed nails.

Do you like my manicure? Would you even wear something like this?
And most importantly, how do I compare to Yagala? ☺