06 December 2015

Nivea's Soft cream

After getting my skin in a good place, it wanted to try something else. (First post about Nivea's cream here - Nivea's original cream.) So, I chose Nivea's soft.
This one is my new favorite! It's extremely moisturizing and is great for hydrating your whole face and hands. When I first tried it, I took quite large amount of it - I couldn't be more wrong. It's so soft and light that you only need it on the tip of your finger. I first used it only for my hands because I bought this small one and it fitted in my purse just right. At that time, I didn't realize how watery it really is. It did a great job, but using it on my face really changed my view on it. It's great that you don't even feel it on your face. It absorbs really quickly and leaves only refreshing feeling. I literally felt like I just washed my face in the morning. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who needs just a basic every day skin care. It has jojoba oil and vitamin E.
I got this 300 ml for $4.50. Small one is 75 ml for about $2.
Both of my editions.
Also, both of these Nivea creams I wrote about can be used by guys too because they are unisex and have no scent other than natural cream one.

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