09 December 2015

Polyvore adiction

As I'm posting my creations (fashion outfits, I mean) from Polyvore, I'll explain in short what you'll see here.
There will be outfits posted by the season. I live in central Europe so I'll post by the season I experience here (currently it's winter). Since I did a lot of creation during the past year, you'll be seeing my old creations first.
Also, there will be some "Steal the style" posts where I try to copy some celebrity's look I like.
Furthermore, there are "Inspired posts" where I think about something and I make a creation thinking about that (example: 50s or football game).
The new post will be up tomorrow. I planned to post it today (now) but I thought it would be better if I explained some things first. Also, It will take me a long time to download everything and edit those pictures. 
Stay tuned because we're getting back to fashion tomorrow!

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