26 December 2015

Get ready for New Year!! (part 1) | 2015

New Year is just around the corner! Everybody seems to be so into it and girls plan their outfits weeks before. So I wanted to help you with ideas.
Have in mind this is my style; not everybody is supposed to love it.
This is not something I would actually wear but I thought velvet is a perfect material for New Year's eve. I can't explain why that is. And I found velvet shoes and velvet bag. Can you ask for more? I also think that velvet requires simple and elegant jewelry and just a bit of make-up.
This would be a perfect dress for a fancy dinner and dancing afterwards. Gold/bronze details really make this dress stand put in the crowd. It's the perfect length and it's flowy enough so you won't need to be too careful while having fun. Since the dress is interesting by itself, and you have this matching shoes, everything else is pretty simple.
Find outfit here:
Oh, I love this one. If you're younger, like me, it's most likely that you won't have a chance to wear a dress like this anywhere. That's a shame. So, a New Year's eve is the perfect time to step out of your box and wear a real evening gown. Of course, you'll have to find the perfect event for this!
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Going clubbing on New Year's eve? This is a combination for you! Short and light dress with a lot of bling accessories will not go unnoticed. Since the dress is quite opened, I think big necklace would fit in perfectly. Don't be afraid to wear all this bling - the dark red color keeps everything in balance.
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Love this one too! I love it how the dress is casually elegant and appropriate for a fancy dinner and clubbing and anything else you choose to do. Since the color is really intensive, I combined light grey color with it and I think it looks amazing.
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Whatever you choose, remember that the outfit must be comfortable.

Tell me what you think about this, what you plan to wear, where will you be waiting for New Year and your thought about New Year's eve party in general!

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