10 December 2015

Break the monotony

So, there's still fall/winter mixed weather in my area; it depends on the time of the day. So, I'll post two outfits for this particular weather. The thing is to stand out in a mass but not to over-do it (that's how I like it). So here we go with fashion. I hope you'll like it.
First of all, I picked out plain skinny jeans and basic shirt with long sleeves. It is green with a bit of white to look like you know how to layer your clothes.
When I chose the essentials, there came a jacket. This is perfect fall/winter piece of clothing because it looks like a normal denim jacket but it has fur in it so it's supposed to be really warm and cozy.
Out of accessories, I chose leopard scarf which I love. It is big and stylish. Next on, there are half-leather gloves. They are warm, very modern looking. And they go great with the black leather boots which are also not boring due to gold parts.
The stand-out piece should be this beret. It's very popular shaped hat but this one is in contrast color to the shirt. Purple will not go unnoticed.
Make up is pretty simple - you can't go wrong with black.
This is more winter outfit. It also has plain skinny jeans, in darker shade, and warm grey sweater with the cutest small snowflakes.
After that, I paired hat, scarf and boots. All are in grey color but not boring at all. Scarf is a bit lighter that the other pieces but don't be afraid to mix shades of the same colors (especially if you have a lot of pieces in the same color like here). Notice that boots also have fur which is really important in the winter times.
Here are two pieces for standing out but I planned for the highlight to be on the jacket. This green bag is looking great and goes really good with this grey and winter theme because it's in a really dark shade. Now there's this amazing winter yellow jacket. It's breaking all boring snowy, rainy and foggy days. It's bringing sunshine and it will follow you wherever you go.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).

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