27 December 2015

Get ready for New Year!! (part 2) | 2015

New Year is just around the corner! Everybody seems to be so into it and girls plan their outfits weeks before. So I wanted to help you with ideas.
Have in mind this is my style; not everybody is supposed to love it.
You can't have a full collection without a jumpsuit. Left one is a bit more daring with the deep cleavage. Everything is basically the same, except I would add a body chain to the left one since you can really show it. With everything being black and gold, I broke the monotony with the dark red lipstick.
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This outfit is more businessy and conservative but it can easily be transformed into something more casual. I think of this one as Barbie's choice. If you look at it, everything is nude or pink. Skirt provides enough glitter required at the New Year's eve party and blazer tones everything down. Blazer on - business dinner; blazer off - party girl!
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 I honestly wouldn't dare to wear this due to cropped top but I would love it I had more courage. I spiced the simple black pencil skirt with lace cropped top in the same color. Heels are also black but with some silver rhinestones. Having the basic outfit in mind, I chose everything in these two colors. Small stud earrings, lots of silver and black bracelets and a bag to go with the shoes. What should make this look special is dark purple lipstick. Dare to wear it!
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Out of all of these, I think this is my favorite combination! I love the elegance and the youth shown through it. Black suit pants and white blouse are a win-win combination. Adding a silver glitter blazer is turning this boring and safe outfit into amazing New Year's eve look. I chose green diamond ring and earrings and matched them with the green-black-silver bag. I couldn't decide about the shoes since I love all of the four there, so I'll let you decide. Go easy on the make-up. Just a bit of green on the eyes.
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You can't have a New Year's eve collection without red, right? And there must be a little black dress somewhere! I made this a double choice. Left side is more elegant, for some dinner party. And right side is more for good old partying.

Whatever you choose, remember that the outfit must be comfortable.

Tell me what you think about this, what you plan to wear, where will you be waiting for New Year and your thought about New Year's eve party in general!

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