20 December 2015

Red lip pencils

Since Christmas is coming, and I think red lips are so festive and ideal for Christmas and New Year, I have to complete my red lips collection. There are posts about red lipsticks here (Maybelline Laetitia's pure red) and here (MAC Ruby Woo - more about it here). Anyway, since I have these two in red shades, I bought matching lip pencils as I think they are a must have with these lipsticks.
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If you buy at MAC's, you'll find out they have a pencil for each lipstick. That's great, but also very expensive. As the lipstick costed about $22, I didn't want to pay another $20 for just a pencil. So, I found an alternative. I bought red longlasting lipliner by Essence in the shade 01 Ready for red. It was around $3. It is an amazing lip pencil with great coverage and good formula. It's a roll-out system which I love cause it's easier to use it. It goes great with my Ruby Woo. It doesn't fade away at all so I would highly recommend this one.
It was a bit harder to find a pencil to match Laetitia's lipstick since it was a one-time collection so they didn't make matching pencils. I chose ArtDeco waterproof soft lip liner No. 08. A lady in the store recommended buying No. 79 but I went for this one instead. I'm just browsing it and I figured you could probably buy No. 10 or No. 11 too. Just try it. I think it was about $7 but I don't actually remember how much I payed (sorry). I'm not completely satisfied with mine cause I have to be really careful how I apply it. If I press to hard it gets kinda brown and it doesn't match my lipstick. Now, I learned how to apply it to match it, so I can say I'll use it and I'll like it. This is not actually that bad because I can use pencil as lipstick and I'll have brownish shade. It has good coverage and it's really long lasting but it doesn't have roll-out system so you'll have to sharpen it like in the good old days.

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