23 December 2015

Advent calendar - opened!

I've told you about advent calendar I bought in H&M containing only jewelry. Well, I've opened the whole calendar (yes, 24th too because I won't be home tomorrow) and I wanted to show you what I've got.
P.S. There are no pictures for day 11 and day 16 since I got two pairs of broken earrings. I'm still trying to fix one pair.
You can click on the picture for a larger view.
All in all, I'm really satisfied with the items I got. I'm sure I would pay a lot more if I went to buy each item separately so I can't complain.
It's nice how they put some really festive items in there (earrings in the shape of Christmas tree, reindeer ring and pendant, snowman pin and this key-ring).

Anyhow people, I wish you all merry Christmas and great holidays!

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