06 September 2016

9 questions for beauty bloggers

Ever since I got into blogging, make up and YouTube, there are these questions in my head and nobody has answered them so far. Google-ing on my own has not gave me any results so here I am asking you all to help me with explaining some stuff.
Note: Before you start, I want to tell you that I'm not judging, although I know it will seem like that, but I'm just very curious and confused. Also, my friend Anchy helped me with this post, so feel free to check her blog out once you answer all of these :)
I really thought I wrote down 10 >.<
  • strobing vs contouring vs highlighting
OK, I just learned what contouring was (not that I use it, but I know what it is) and how to put on highlight and now this new term strobing came and I'm confused. I tried searching the Internet about this and some say it's just a fancy name for contouring and some say it's a fancy name for highlighting. Since these are two different things, I'm curious what strobing really is.
  • contouring vs bronzing
Contour with cold tones and bronze with warm ones. Correct? But, what's the difference? Because all tutorials I watch show contouring and bronzing in the same places on the face. Although bronzing should give warmth to your face and contour should give definition to it, it still looks the same to me.
  • 10+ foundations
Every single blogger/youtuber I follow has at least 5 foundations. I don't understand why a single person would need it. Hear me out. If you like a foundation you have, there's no need to buy another one. If you don't like it, you throw it away or give it to someone and you buy one for yourself. Also, all of those may be by different brand, but you usually look for the same stuff in a foundation (example for oily or dry skin) so they have to be basically the same. Also, all of them have to match your skin so they're all the same color (except summer/winter edition).
  • contouring pretty much everything
Since contouring became a thing, it has developed so much! It all started with cheeks, but now we're contouring noses, necks, boobs, yaw line and chin, neck,... What's next? I get it that everybody wants to present themselves in the best possible light, but doesn't it all look weird? I mean, we all know you don't really have a dark brown line along your face...
  • bullet journal
Seriously what are bullet journals? I've been seeing pictures of them all around Twitter and blogs, but I still have no idea how to make them or how to use them. Please, I really need explanation for this one. Although they do look pretty, why would anyone put so much effort in making one?
  • CC vs BB cream
Probably my biggest mystery. I read so many articles and blog posts and I still don't know what's the difference and which one is better. There are also some other letters there, but I'll start with baby steps.
  • HD make-up
I've been seeing lots of people using the term HD when reviewing some make-up products. What is this? Is it like in videos meaning high definition or something completely different?
  • 50+ make-up brushes
OK, what's the deal with this? I'm watching all these YouTube videos and pictures on blogs and everyone is having like 4 big jars full of make-up brushes. I'm currently starting my make-up journey so I'm naturally in love with all of it and I want a 1000 brushes, but I'm not going to buy them because they're freaking expensive. So explain, why?
  • painting on eyebrows
I can't really remember when this became a thing, but everybody is doing it. Except me. And people look at me funny when I say that. Anyway, why do you do it? I know eyebrows shape the entire face, but most girls I follow already have natural eyebrows and that should be enough, right? I don't understand how can somebody even think that painted eyebrows are looking natural...

I really hope you'll have the time and will to help me out with all of these. :)


  1. OMG YAAAS girl, this post! What even is strobing? And I agree, why do people bronze and contour in the same place? I only own 1 foundation, I don't understand why people own more than the 1 they need? Like, fair enough if you like to stock up but why all the different ones? Also, why are people so obsessed with bullet journals anyway? They just don't interest me. I'll stick with my little 2016 diary from Next. I know that HD makeup means High Definition makeup x

    1. Thank you! Someone who understands me :D
      I own 2 foundations because I forgot mine when I went to a vacation so I bought small one...
      Bullet journals look like too much trouble and effort and time I don't usually have :P
      HD makeup is then a better quality makeup or?

      Thanks for coming! :)

  2. I'm a beauty blogger so hopefully I can clear up some of these! :)
    1. Strobing basically is highlighting. From what I can tell, sometimes brands like create trends in order to sell more products so they started labeling things as "strobing kits" instead of "highlighting kits" even though they're essentially used for the same thing.

    2. Contouring is used to define shadows on your face, usually done with a matte shade darker than your skin tone. Bronzer often has a shimmer or sheen to it and it makes your face glow or makes you look more tan.

    3. I personally have 6 foundations and they're used for different purposes. Some are full coverage, some medium, some light, and some are more like tinted moisturizers. Some also only match my skin tone in the summer and others in the winter.

    4. I personally don't contour anything other than my cheekbones so I can't answer this one! To each their own I guess.

    5. I have never heard of a bullet journal lol

    6. I think CC creams and BB creams have different benefits but I have no idea what they are. Personally I think they're both glorified tinted moisturizers.

    7. I think HD makeup refers to looking flawless even if viewed on camera in HD. A lot of brands have jumped on the bandwagon and may label things as HD but they might not fit my description.

    8. Brushes get dirty so quickly, especially eyeshadow brushes! I hate washing brushes and I don't have time to wash them every time I put on makeup, so I like to have a few extras so that you can do a completely different look each time without mixing colors.

    9. I don't do my brows either, but mine are naturally dark and thick so there isn't a point for me. Brows definitely define your face so people with lighter brows like to fill them in so that they stand out more :)

    Hope I helped! Sorry for the super long comment but they're really good questions xx

    1. Oh God! Thank you! for taking the time to write this all down, I really appreciate it! :*

      You cleared some things :) But seriously, you haven't heard of bullet journals? They're like the biggest thing right now and I have no idea what's going on there haha

      and yeah, I washed my brushes just yesterday, and although I have just a few of them, it was a pain >.<

      Thank you, again :*