19 September 2016

Garnier's BB creams

BB cream is pretty much all the foundation I use so finding a good one is really important to me. I like the feeling of a light foundation with good coverage combined with good duration.
Note: I bought darker one right after I got from my summer vacation so it turned out it was a bit too dark for my skin. That's why I bought lighter shade. Unfortunately, they only have these two shades (at least in my store) so I like to mix them. That's why I'll do a combined review. These are both by Garnier as you can see.
Darker one is Pure Active anti-imperfections. I got it in shade medium. It's made for combination skin prone to imperfections.  They say it has 2% of some anti-bacterial acid which is absolutely great and also a concealing power of mineral pigments which will reduce any imperfections. It's really light weight, with a medium coverage. It's absolutely blendable and gives you a really natural look. I don't feel it on my face, but I feel pretty secure knowing it's still there. This one should also help remove your blackheads, but I haven't noticed much difference.
Lighter one is Miracle skin perfector all-in-one. They say it hydrates like a cream, covers like a foundation and gives a shiny healthy look. It's oil free which is great for combination to oily skin which it's made for. They also say it's anti-shine, non-stop mattifying, blurs pores and imperfections, evens tone and boosts healthy glow. It has SPF 20 filter which is amazing for summer days when you want both great lightweight make-up and protection. This one is also really blendable. It leaves a bit yellowish tone so I wouldn't suggest it if you naturally have yellow skin. Also, this one is more liquidy than the upper one.
How I use them? I mix them at approximately rate of 50:50 (but that's not something I pay much attention to). I mix them on a toilet paper, normal paper, plate,... where ever. This combination of shades matches me perfectly. The coverage is medium (as I hear from professionals), but I don't have much imperfections (just a bit of redness here and there). I apply them with a brush because I think they give more coverage and flawless look than when working with my hands and I'm not used to beauty blender. I sometimes use a primer, sometimes not, sometimes I use a concealer underneath, sometimes not. It all depends on my mood and time I have to put on make-up, but these hold on no matter what. They do work better with a primer and a setting powder. I had that combination and it lasted me for about 8 hours before I could see some oil coming out. But (!) I just put on another coat of setting powder and it was good as new. So it took me less 10 minutes to do my make-up in the morning and 1 minute to retouch it. I'd say that's a goal!
Verdict? They both have a 90% matte finish, but I still like to set them with a powder. I have combination to oily skin and I'm loving these two. The unfortunate thing is they are only two shades, but combining them is the best thing ever. Also, they smell of the lighter one is great! I would highly recommend buying both of these. I can't remember the prices, but I'm sure they're not over $10. If you want more opinions, check these links I gave you above - there are lots of comments below the product.

Have you tried these? Any thoughts? I'd appreciate it :)


  1. Haven't tried these exact bb creams but I love the idea of combining them together. I actually used to do a lot of it with my foundations. Now I opt for TBS lightening drops, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. oh I haven't heard of those, but I Googled it just now and seems like a great solution! :D we just need to make it work :)

      thanks for stopping by :)