27 April 2017

Ear piercing problems & solutions

Until not that long ago, there was a picture of all tattoos I wish to get one day on the side of my blog. However, I haven't included piercings because I've already done everything I want regarding that kind of body modifications.

Although a lot of people don't consider ear piercings as real piercings, I did make holes in my ears so I call that piercings. In total, I have 5 holes - 3 on the right ear and 2 on the left. I have only small, regular piercings and I'll keep them like this. First two holes I got when I was really young (max 5 years old). Three additional were made 2 years ago. I had some big problems with this, so I'm here to share them and how I solved them (cause I've seen people struggling with the same issues).

My jewelry guy who pierced my ears said to twist the earrings every day 2 or 3 times so the blood and my tissue won't recognize earrings as their parts and so it wouldn't heal in my ear. And I did so. But, my ear was too thick for the earring I was given so it soon became swollen and suppurative (do not check the photos for this!). It was also bleeding every time I would touch it.

To keep the story short, buy small hoops. I got three silver ones (you really want a real silver or gold, not fake jewelry!). This gave my ears more space and it was really easy to twist them every now and then. After getting hoops, my ears healed in about 2 weeks. I did clean them with pure alcohol once a day. Now I still wear silver earrings (but studs), but my ears are all fine and can take any earrings and any material.
I had this conversation on Twitter so I knew I wasn't the only one.
Links I provided: first one and second one
Do you have any piercings? Or any problems with them? Share below ☺♥

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