17 April 2017

My eBay jewelry no.2

Most of my jewelry is bought on eBay so I would like to share what I got. I've already done a post like this (link here) and you liked it, so I'm here with a part two. I think eBay has great and cheap jewelry and, if you're not allergic to something, you should be able to find lots of great stuff.
Note: There are more eBay jewelry in my collection, but I couldn't find it as listed anymore so I didn't include it here. Also, I've written the exact product I bought next to the link. I do not own any of these photos - those are all screenshots of the links below the pictures.
2. - hollow bronze
1. - silver map
2. - gold heartbeat & heart
1. - believe wards 3 layers chain
2. - silver
Do you like these?
Comment if you'd like to see other stuff I bought (bags, makeup brushes, etc.) ☺

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