20 April 2017

Dotted french manicure

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Are you bored with classic french manicures? (I'm not.) Or maybe you don't have a steady hand to do a nice smile line? I got you covered. This manicure is super simple, doesn't require steady hand or experience and it's perfect for experimenting with colors. Also, you can easily adjust it to the season just by choosing different colors.

I used:
  • white/transparent base coat - #152 give me nude, baby! by Essence
  • grey nail polish - #70 grey zone by Essence
  • bronze nail polish - #181 once upon a time... by Essence
  • dark shimmer pink polish - #031 by Farmasi
  • lighter pink polish - #13 forgive me by Essence
  • dark pink polish - #59 life is pink! by Essence
  • top coat - the gel nail polish top coat by Essence
Note: I know most of these polishes aren't for sale anymore, but you can create this look with any colors. I wanted a rose-gold theme, but had to add grey in the end cause it was looking plain. So play with colors...

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