03 April 2017

How to shop online

There was a survey in my country how many people any why they shop online. Their conclusion was: people are lazy. My reason for shopping online is: it's freaking cheaper! OK, I love browsing the stores and I buy all my clothes and shoes after I try them on, but all other stuff - jewelry, sunglasses, phone cases,... - I usually buy them online. (Maybe it's lame, but eBay is my best friend.)
I'm here to point out some things you should be careful about and what you should pay attention on when buying online. If you want to see just a small part of my eBay collection, here is the post.
  • measurement and sizes
Every site has different sizing chart so be really careful when reading it. Measure yourself exactly how they describe it and choose the best size. Sometimes you won't fit perfectly in one size only so you'll have to go with your guts and decide which one to get.
  • leave it in the cart for a day or two
Unless you go in with 'I'm going to buy one pair of jeans' set of mind and you actually buy only that, I would suggest leaving all stuff in the cart for a day or two when you won't be as excited and you'll think more rationally. Maybe you'll realize you don't need all that stuff. I usually narrow down from buying 10 things to buying only 3.
  • set your budget
Going few dollars over the budget is nothing to worry about, but you should at least have some number of how much you can and are willing to spend. Of course, think about whether that price is even fair for what you're getting and whether you would be able to get same things in your local stores for less money.
  • check out other pages and stores too
As I said, eBay is my best friend, but I don't always look for the stuff I need only on eBay. I check out other pages as well and I decide where the quality and the pricing is better. Some pages may have some great deals that would be better than what you initially found.
  • make sure you're familiar with the style
Everything looks good on models and pictures they show you, but in reality, God knows how that's going to suit you. That's why you need to buy shapes and styles which you know suit you. At least try some clothes of the same style in your local shops so you'd see what you have to look out for.
  • read customer reviews
There's 50:50 chance that you'll love it or hate it. Read more than one review and decide is it worth it. Some people may just be pissed off that their shipping took too long so they give 1-star rating. That doesn't mean that the product itself is bad. So pay attention on what ordinary people think.

Now that I shared all my 'secrets' have a great day and shop! What do you usually shop for online? Do you even do it? Share some of your thought down below :)

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