30 March 2017

Makeup Revolution Acid brights palette

As spring is coming I thought it was time to present some bright and vivid colors. This is so out of my comfort zone, but honestly I didn't care because colors are so beautiful. Also, I bought this during winter cause I'm all for spring and I wanted it to come sooner.
Note: You should know I'm not an expert in make-up.
Packaging, size and price? All eyeshadows come in a black and transparent packaging which I really like because you immediately know which colors you have in there. Palette is quite sturdy and the lid closes really great so I'm not afraid it will open by itself. There are 12 eyeshadows with total of 14g. Five of these are shimmer - magenta, dark blue, light blue, olive green and silver. Some shimmers are barely visible. There is a brush (sponge) in there too. I know most people don't use these, but I actually quite like these for packing on the product. However, I haven't tried this one. Expiration date is 12 months. This costs $7.
They don't have names, but from left to right: magenta, white, yellow, orange, dark blue, light blue, purple, olive green, pink, light green, silver, black
First impressions? I used an eyeshadow primer (concealer) on both eyes and white jumbo eye pencil (NYX #604 milk) on one eye as a base. As far as picking up the product with a brush goes, it was really easy and with just one small tap or swipe I got a huge amount of product on it. From the colors I used, my favorites are both blues, purple and orange. Good, but not great are green and pink, and I liked yellow the least. This is based on the pigmentation on the eyelids. They all blend really easy and for some transitions I didn't even blend. They have a bit of fallouts, but I'm not personally bothered by it and it's not a huge amount of it.
Note: You should know I put this on and removed it about an hour later so I'm not sure how long would it really stayed on my face. Also, I didn't use all colors.

Verdict? I really like this palette. Of course it could be better, but I'm not disappointed in any way. The only thing you'll need are some neutral colors for transition shades if you're not going for a full colorful look like I have. I think it has a great price for the amount and quality of the eyeshadows.
crease: orange -- inner corner: yellow -- middle eyelid: light green -- outer corner: purple -- bottom inner corner: pink -- bottom middle: light blue -- bottom outer corner: dark blue
black eyeliner - Essence liquid ink waterproof eyeliner
white eyeliner - Essence liquid ink the whites eyeliner #06 light white
Note: Enlarge the picture by clicking on it. Also have in mind that I am not a make-up artist and I usually don't do winged eyeliner. I also never wear mascara. And I know my crease color (orange) should have gone a bit higher.

Do you maybe have this palette? What do you think? Do you like my first try of something different? Comment below ☺


  1. Love the look you made! This palette seems great for playing with colors, they're so pigmented and affordable x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. thank you! you have no idea how nervous I was to post this haha
      it really is, can't wait to experiment some more :)