02 March 2017

Make-up removers (Garnier vs Nivea vs Essence)

As make-up has become almost daily part of my life, make-up removers are the first thing I reach for when I come home. Since I've not been into make-up for that long, I only tried 4 make-up removers so far. I'll introduce each right now.
I realized that I threw some bottles so I couldn't take pictures. These are not mine. 
I'll start with Nivea baby oil. I've seen people removing make-up with all kinds of oils (most popular being coconut oil), but before I even knew what make-up removers were, my mom was using plain baby oil. The fact that it's for babies makes sure that it won't damage your skin or irritate your eyes. We both used this for face and eye make-up. It removes everything pretty easily and fast. What's also great about this is the pretty low price and the fact that you can use this oil for some other purpose like nourishing your skin.

As a huge Nivea fan, my second make-up remover was Nivea double effect eye make-up remover. I already wrote about this one (post here). I seriously think Nivea didn't get enough credit for this product. It removes all make-up immediately. You'll have to soak e.g. waterproof eyeliner for few seconds, but that's pretty great to me. It's affordable and lasts quite a long time with some lighter make-up. Also, I have super sensitive eyes so I was scared how this will work, but I didn't have any irritations or tears while using this.

The most popular out of these is probably Garnier biphase micellar cleansing water in oil. I don't think I need to introduce this in any special way, so I'll just say that this is, when it comes to price-amount comparison, the best choice. I love how big it is and how long this bottle lasts. As it has oils in it, I was afraid my skin would get more oily than it already is. Unfortunately, I can't say that it doesn't leave just a small amount of grease, but I usually go with some toner after it to remove it all. However, this is not a huge problem. Also, it does not irritate skin or eyes, but, for me, it struggles a bit with waterproof make-up (eyeliner).

Last product in my collection are these Essence make-up wipes for waterproof make-up. You all know I'm in love with that brand, but these are just not worth it. They're super cheap, but they can't even remove their own eyeliner. They took of majority of my foundation and eyeshadows, but eyeliner stayed on perfectly. Considering this, I probably won't repurchase them, but I'll use them after removing my make-up with something from above, instead of using a toner.

Which one do you use? Any recommendations? Have you tried any of these?

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