13 March 2017

My shower routine

I noticed that for the past few months I always do the same things when I shower so I thought I'd share my routine with you.
Note: If I couldn't find an exact product, I tried to find similar ones or at least leave you a link to their page.
First I start with applying mask with Nivea anti-blemish 3-in-1 cleanser (post here). I apply it with this flat foundation brush by Essence or with my fingers. While that is drying, I will take all necessary stuff with me (towel, PJs or other clothes, hair mask...). Once that's dry, I go into shower and take it off by massaging it with my fingers first to dissolve it and then I finish with the rubber side of this Body&soul face brush. Next I shampoo my hair, rinse it off and shampoo again. I leave the shampoo on a bit longer the second time I apply it. While I'm waiting on that, I'll usually just shower and shave. Then I rinse off the shampoo and apply this hair treatment (which I specifically got for my dandruff problem). That cleansing treatment needs to sit there for 5 minutes so I'll use that time for exfoliating my body with Fruttini body scrub (post here). I'll also leave that to sit on my skin after rubbing it mostly on my upper back, chest and elbows (does amazing work with hard skin on elbows!). Then I'll usually exfoliate my lips with this little toothbrush (post here). Then I rinse it all off, my hair too. Now it's time for hair mask (posts here and here). Mask needs to soak in for about 3 minutes so I use that time for cleansing my face once more with Nivea clean deeper daily wash scrub (post here) and I massage it into my skin and then use this longer bristles to remove all dead skin and really clean my face. I also take care of the hard skin on my heels (post coming!). Again, I rinse it all off and that's it for the shower.
How cute is this basket?
Once I'm out, I'll, of course, dry myself first. Then I'll apply Fruttini body lotion (post here) mainly on the places where I exfoliated the most. I'll also apply this Balea body spray with watermelon scent usually on my legs (don't know why). I'll finish my face with the Nivea toner (post here) and Nivea cream (post here). The last step is applying hair care. It's heat protector by Balea (post coming!).

Note: This routine is applicable about 2 times a week when I wash my hair (every 4 days). When I shower, I usually leave most of these stuff out. Also, this usually takes about half an hour.

What is your shower routine? Do we have similar steps or products?


  1. Ohh how I love those Fruttini products, they smell wonderfull! xxx