27 March 2017

My bag collection

I don't think I ever posted any of my clothes or accessories here, so this is a first. If you ask my mom, the biggest collection of bags ever is in my room. If you ask me, I think I need some brown, beige and silver ones as well.
Note: These are all 'fake' and the highest price is about $30. Also, I didn't include my mom's bags (we share them all) - she has 6 more. I also didn't include my fancy clutches, backpack, laptop bag and 4 more which I hold on to cause I'm sentimental.
12 here + 6 mom's = 18 bags
First really small bag I got. It's so practical for walks in my neighborhood and concerts.
This one is the newest edition. I love it how small, but statement piece this is.
I wouldn't choose this one in a million years - it's big and these colors aren't a good match. But I got it for my birthday and I started loving it right away. This is also the first bag I got pulled over by a lady to ask me where I got it. You see you can remove the pouch from the inside.
Small, loose and perfect for every day.
This one is similar to Selma by Michael Kors.
I got this for Christmas. It is the same color and material as my winter coat which is just great. The leather details make it stand out a bit.
The oldest bag out all of these. I got if from eBay for $12 I think. I just love it for every day and concerts as well.
This is my 'school bag'. I usually wear this one to college. It was actually a backpack, but I transferred it into a crossbody messenger one.
First bag of this kind I got. It's from Orsay.
I don't know actually why I got this one, but I guess it looked cute back then.
I honestly didn't know this was a Valentino fake bag. I saw the first real bag few months after I got this.
Only 2 months old. This yellow baby is also from Orsay.

See anything you like? What's your style when it comes to bags? How many do you have?


  1. You have such a diverse collection! Mine are all neutrals haha. I love the blue one, it looks like the perfect pop of color!

    Beauty From Katie

    1. I wish I had more neutrals haha I'm always in a need for those, but for some reason I always buy these haha

      thanks for coming :*

  2. I love your collection and I love how most of them are pretty 'statement', I love a good splash of colour here and there. I really like the one you got for christmas too, the one that is the same as your coat material :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. I usually wear plain clothes, black usually so I upgrade my outfit with details like bags :)

      thank you! :*