09 March 2017

Review: Nivea day care mattifying

It's that feeling when you realize that you have to moisturize your oily skin too. And then you struggle with finding something rich enough without additional oils. And then you realize your skin can get dry too, and then you're in big problems. I think I solved mine.
For combination skin. Provides deep moisture. For pure and shine-reduced skin. With ocean algae and hydra IQ. Doesn't clog pores. Reduces shine. Skin looks healthy and pretty. Dermatologically tested.

If you read my post about other Nivea creams (posts here Softhere Original and here SOS hand), you know I really love their products. However, those haven't solved my problem with oils. Also, this winter, my face went through a weird phase of even getting dry at some places so I knew it was time to really focus on taking care of my face and routine. I found this cream for relatively small price so I went for it. Although it says that it's a day cream, I found the best use at night. Before I go to sleep, I clean my face and then apply this and leave it on during night.

Don't be fooled by the size of the box. The real container, as you can see, it smaller. It has 50 ml of cream and it can be used for 12 months. It comes in a nice, white and sturdy container with a screw on lid which always gives me security that it won't open that easily by itself.
It is kinda hard to get it on your finger if you just lightly swipe on the surface. You would think that's bad, but it's actually perfect. You really don't need much of it to cover your whole face. Of course, if you dip your fingers, you'll get more product on.

Verdict? It feels really light on my skin. I've used it few times before putting on my make-up and it didn't change the formula or the durability of my make-up. With an SPF 15, it gives more protection and reduces one more layer of sunscreen you would normally put on. It really solved problems with my dry patches without making my T-zone more oily. I use more of it on the perimeter of my face and less on the T-zone to balance it. It works like a charm. I would highly recommend.

Have you tried this one? What are your thoughts on Nivea in general?

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