13 April 2017

New in: 40% discount

Unlike my other posts where I actually think about writing them and how they're gonna look, this one came as an idea 5 minutes ago and now I'm writing it. I went for a walk and then ended up in a store where I, as a member, had 40% off on some products and brands.

I'll start with an air refresher. Last time I was there, I got myself one like this but with an apple scent. Since that one worked very well, I decided to try this one with orange and lily scent. Orange is my favorite scent for all, so I hope this one won't disappoint me.

Next two products are by L'Oreal. These are their Extraordinary clay shampoo and hair conditioner. This line has a hair mask too and it's made for greasy roots and dry ends. I bought this for my mom and if this actually works, you'll definitely hear more about it. I got these two products for a price of one, which makes a total of $3.50.

In this pretty pink bottle, there's Balea shower gel. What caught my eye was the price of $0.80 and cute packaging. Then I opened it and it smells like chocolate. To be honest, I don't need a shower gel, but I couldn't say no to this deal. I'll probably eat most of this. (I'm kidding?)

I've been hearing so many great stuff about the Rimmel Stay matte powder that when I saw it was on discount, I had to get it. There was a shade 'transparent', but it only looked really pale and too light for me so I went for 004 Sandstorm. (Is 'transparent' really transparent?) I hope this will match my skin. It was $4.

Next thing is my first brow product (in color) and it's Rimmel's brow pencil. This was the darkest brow product I could find and I wish it was longlasting or waterproof. If anyone uses this, please share your thoughts below. This pencil was about $3.

The last thing is Maybelline Fit me foundation in the shade 115. I really hope this is my shade cause it's so hard to find the right shade under those lights (is is just me?). This was $4.7 which is a pretty great deal. I would buy this anyway, but if I can get a discount, I'm there.

Total number of products: 7
Total cost: around $17

Do you like "New-ins"? Have you bought anything recently? Do you have an opinion on anything here? Share below ♥


  1. Oooh I love getting a discount, well done you, that's a great price to pay for all those items, I hope you like them all :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. That's why I got it all at once. So far so good. I'll probably write posts with reviews :)

      thank you for coming, reading and commenting :*

  2. Who do not like discounts? Great bargain Honey! Best Wishes, Iga <a href="”>Instagram</a> <a href=“”>Iga Berry</a>

    1. everybody loves them haha

      thank you for reading :*

  3. I have that Maybelline foundation and so far I'm loving it. It gives a very nice matte finish and doesn't look too cakey :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I've worn it twice now and I'm loving it. So far my favorite foundation. It really fits me :)

      thank you so much for coming and commenting. I really appreciate it :*