04 May 2017

Recipe: Sandwich baskets

I was planning on sharing some recipes every now and then. Have in mind that I basically suck in the kitchen and my mom does most of the cooking so I only do some quick and easy, but tasty recipes. I did one of those recently and my family loved it, so I'll share it.
Note: This isn't my original recipe. I saw it on Tasty (their YouTube here), but couldn't find it anymore so I changed it a bit. Hope you'll like it!

You'll need:
  • salami
  • cheese (in slices and grated)
  • bell pepper
  • ham
  • pickles
  • round buns
  • cut the tops of the buns off
  • take all bread from inside out and leave just the edges (like walls) so you can stuff it - hollow out
  • cut bell pepper, pickles and ham into small pieces
  • put the small amount of grated cheese first
  • put salami in (I used two slices and cut it into 4 pieces each to fit them in a circle inside the bun and I also put two pieces in the middle)
  • throw in bell pepper, pickles and ham that you cut
  • since these stuff don't make a flat surface, fill the empty space with the rest of grated cheese
  • top it all with cheese in slices
  • put the top of the bun on and they're ready
  • put it on a tray and use baking paper just in case cheese leaks out
  • preheat the oven to about 180°-200°
  • place the buns in and bake for about 15 minutes (take off the lid of to see if the cheese is melted - if it is, they're done)

Advice: My brother said it would be better with more meat in there so you can put one or two more layers of salami. I just really like cheese so that was my main focus. You can also put any food there that you usually eat raw cause that way you'll be sure that nothing was not baked enough.

Bon apetit!
Will you try this? How are you in the kitchen? ♥


  1. These look super yummy. They'd make great appetizers for small gatherings with friends. Good job!

    1. yes, so easy and yummy :D
      small gatherings yes, cause you need to take the insides of the buns out which is not really good for 200 of those :D
      thanks for coming and reading and commenting :)

  2. They look like heaven food on earth!!

    1. They have melted cheese all over so it's heaver all right :D